MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Tries a Bizarre ‘Whataboutism’ Argument on Greg Abbott That Defies All Logic – Opinion

Texas governor. Greg Abbott called a press conference to address the tragic mass shooting that took place at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde on Tuesday, killing 19 children and 2 teachers trying to save them.

During the presser, failed 2018 Senate nominee and failed 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke staged a pathetic political stunt against Abbott – who he is running against in the 2022 Texas gubernatorial race – accusing him of “doing nothing” to stop gun violence, and suggesting the shooting was “totally predictable.”

Though Abbott responded accordingly, O’Rourke was barely out the door of the auditorium after being confronted by law enforcement before the media predictably began swooning and swaying over O’Rourke’s despicable actions in “reports” reminiscent of how they treated him during his 2018 run against Sen. Ted Cruz as though he was the next Robert F. Kennedy.

Not surprisingly, NBC News “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd was one of them. During a segment about the mass shooting tragedy on his “Meet the Press Daily” program, Todd first noted how over the last 15 years, Texas had “loosened gun restrictions,” which he insinuated might have a little something to do with what happened in Uvalde:

During the same segment, Todd went the “whataboutism” route while in trying to make excuses for Beto, actually arguing that he wouldn’t wade into the accusations that O’Rourke was “making a mistake here” by engaging in “political theater” during the press conference considering Abbott had “sent migrants to Washington, D.C. right outside my office here as a political stunt” against Joe Biden.


On one hand, Todd’s argument tells us that he might be slightly embarrassed by O’Rourke’s politically opportunistic behavior but is unwilling to say so directly (which is what “whataboutism” arguments often are).

But on the other hand, the argument defies all logic considering Abbott’s announcement in April where he said Texas would start sending busloads of illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C. came after months of Abbott trying to work with the Biden administration to get them to reverse their open borders policies and to stop dumping migrants in Texas border towns, which were getting overrun with them to the point resources were being depleted.

Biden continued to do it so Abbott intervened and allowed Biden to try his hand at the medicine. It’s that simple.

And on gun violence, Abbott and other Republican leaders have suggested (including during today’s presser) that the issue is more mental health-related than gun-related, and have also tried to work with Democrats on common-sense reforms that address these issues. But Democrats like O’Rourke see the only solution as more gun-grabbing, which is why accusations suggesting Republicans are “doing nothing” hold no water whatsoever.

Further, that Todd won’t call O’Rourke’s stunt for what it was – shameless political theater in the middle of a senseless tragedy – is especially preposterous considering Democrats are masters of going that very route every time there is a tragedy of this nature in our country, while Republicans and other proponents of gun rights are supposed to just sit back and take being accused of being heartless murderers without defending themselves and raising questions about Democrat priorities.

As I’ve said before, Todd is the quintessential Democrat apologist – especially when he feels like they have a chance to seize on an opening and gain ground on Republicans on major issues, and that was on full display during his show Wednesday. Unfortunately, Todd isn’t the only media figure who does this, which is yet another on a long list of reasons why these debates about what’s at the root of gun violence and how to effectively combat it typically go nowhere.

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