MSNBC Wrongly Claims ‘Bull Connor’ DeSantis to Cut Black Majority Districts by Half

MSNBC’s hosts once again showed how misinformed the liberal news channel is. On Tuesday night, it was falsely reported that Ron DeSantis, the Florida Republican Governor, is trying to reduce the number of congressional districts with black majorities from 4 to 2. In reality, there is only 1 black majority district. Joy Reid went as far to say that he wants to be like Bull Connor, a notorious segregationist Democrat.

The fact that the DeSantis’s plan draws more regular districts with less gerrymandering demonstrates that journalists and other liberals are not against gerrymandering as they claim, but instead want gerrymandering that benefits Democrats.

You can find more information here ReidOutReid used an article from SalonAs she stated:



Don, the junior, has taken it upon himself, to influence the state’s congressional Redistricting Process. He submitted his map that — guess what — dilutes people of color’s voting power, cutting down half of major African American districts, splitting up Hispanic votes in South Florida, and giving Republicans an 8-seat advantage.

Obnoxiously, she added, “I suppose when President Biden talked about whether Republicans wanted Bull Connor to lead them, DeSantis was home at home, raising his hand and saying, ‘Me? me! I want Bull Connor to lead us!”

Two hours later, I was quoted from an article on the Miami Herald, Rachel Maddow claimed: “So Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, has just submitted a proposed new map for congressional districts in his state. His proposal is to reduce Florida’s number of districts in Congress that are predominantly black by half.

Nicolle Wallace, a mischievous version of the story that she had compiled several hours prior to this incident, gave hers earlier. Politico as her source.

You should note that five of the 27 Florida districts have currently elected black members to their congressional delegations — one Republican and four Democrats. In a state that has 16 percent Black residents, this is 18.5% of the districts.

The following is an extract from the Almanac of American PoliticsThe 20th district in South Florida is currently the black majority, with 53 percent of its African American population. The other two districts closest to the same percentage, the 5th District and the 24, are both at 47 percent. Democrat Val Demings and Republican Byron Donalds both were elected in other districts that are white majority.

DeSantis plans would have the 5th District of North Florida eliminated. It would also mean that other northern districts would be less gerrymandered and would take on more consistent shapes. South Florida’s two district would now be the 23rd & 24th. They would have black representations at 46.5 % and 47.3 percent respectively, making it more likely that they would be elected.

Demings district 10, which was held by Demings, would now be district 7. The black population will see a slight increase of 29.5 to 28.7 % while the white population will drop to just 38 percent. Hispanics will increase. Despite claims to the contrary the Demings district is still being held.

Liberty Mutual and Philadelphia cream cheese were part of the sponsors of this false information designed to discredit prominent Republicans. You can find their contact information here.

These transcripts are available:

Deadline for White House

January 18, 2022

Eastern: 5:07 PM

NICOLLE WALLACE: You mentioned the map. You might like to see more detail about this reporting. “DeSantis’s map would reduce the number African Americans from four to two on the current-proposed congressional maps, and increase the number Donald Trump would win in 2020 from 16 to the one being considered by GOP-led Florida Senate. This would also eliminate Al Lawson, an African American Representative in the 5th Congressional District.

While we probably do not spend enough time discussing redistricting power grabs in this area, it seems that this particular one is particularly troubling.



January 18, 2022

7:20 p.m. Eastern

JOY REID: The junior Don has also taken upon himself to meddle in the state’s congressional redistricting process, submitting his own map which — you guessed it — dilutes the voting power of people of color, cutting in half the number of majority African American districts, splitting up Hispanic voters in South Florida districts, and giving Republicans an eight-seat advantage.

I guess when President Biden spoke of whether Republicans wanted to be Bull Connor, DeSantis was at home raising his hand, “Me, me, I want to be Bull Connor!”


The Rachel Maddow Show

January 18, 2022

9:01 p.m.Eastern

RACHEL MADDOW: So Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, has just submitted a proposed new map for congressional districts in his state. His proposal is to reduce Florida’s number of districts in Congress that are predominantly black by half.

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