MSNBC Regular Mystal Ticked That Trump Remains Free: ‘Why Ain’t This Dude In Jail?’

Like movies that allow viewers to choose between multiple endings for a film, I like the idea of offering readers a selection of headlines. Because Elie Mystal, the resident rhetorical bomb thrower on Tiffany Cross’s MSNBC show, offered up a trifecta of terribleness—if that’s a word.



Here are some options.

Headline #1: Why isn’t this dude in jail?

Cross was gone, and Mystal took up Cross’s lurid fantasy about Trump being busted COPS-style. Mystal was unable to grasp Cross’s fantasies about Trump being arrested COPS-style. However, Mystal made up for it with repeated frustrations at Trump not being kept in the hoosegow. Mystal reached his emotional peak at the beginning of the segment.

Headline #2: Grifters Bannon, Kushner Sell Top Secrets

Mystal groaned at the thought that Mar-a-Lago’s allegedly weak security would permit Trump to access the most secret documents stored there. One point, he stated:

Jared [Kushner], Steve Bannon—people that we know are on the grift—are just looking for the way to make their next buck. As in, “We have no idea.” What price they will sell the information for and how many Trump cronies saw it. The threat is therefore real.

Headline #3: Fear of what ‘Angry White Boys ‘would do if Dear Leader was Arrested.

Reverse racism is a must-have on any Tiffany Cross broadcast. Jason Johnson, guest host of Tiffany Cross asked Mystal about Trump’s slow response to criminal charges. Mystal replied:

“I truly believe in the existence of them.” Federal government employees who fear what? Angering white boysWill doIf they are arrested their Dear Leader

Because Donald Trump is ultimately the story, Headline #1 was my choice. Mystal has so many outrageous claims to choose from that it is difficult to define “news” which, in the end, should be what cable news channels are all about. Wild speculation about selling the country and white-boy violence is instead thrown at the wall.

Tiffany Cross hosted Elie Mystal, a MSNBC TV regular, on Tiffany Cross’s program. She was supported by Pfizer (maker of Cibinqo and Nurtec) and WeatherTech.  

The transcript is here.

Cross Connection 
10:02 am EDT

ELIE MYSTAL : I am a top-level expert in legal analysis and drafting of affidavits. This dude is in jail! Like, What does the man need to do in order to get sent to prison? . . . What is the secret to this man’s freedom? 

. . . 

That’s because you cannot make the situation he was already experiencing more severe. These are sources and information that affect how we perform national security.

Many people would love to have that information. Not all of them will be friendly. He can have them all, and they won’t just be in his basement. They will also be available for anyone to view in the box on his golf course.

This does not mean random friends or his buddies. What I’m referring to is Jared [Kushner]Steve Bannon, people we are aware of who support the Grift — 


MYSTAL: — they are simply looking to make their next dollar.We don’t know how many Trump’s associates have seen this sensitive information. What they are willing to buy it for.This is the real threat. 

Here I am, again.He was free to go in August. He was still free to raid his things in August, yet he remains free now that we are heading into September. He is still free!!It is like the splinter inside my head. 

JOHNSON : That’s it. This is it. This is the one that gets me every time. The question isn’t just “Why is he not in jail?” What is the point of waiting so long? It’s almost been a year and a half. He knew that he owned the items. Why is it taking so long for this type of legal investigation to be completed?

MYSTAL – Part of the problem lies in that I am certain that federal employees are concerned about what angry white boys would do if their Dear Leader is arrested. The federal government is a source of real terror to me.

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