MSNBC Guest: Overturning Roe Like Banning Interracial Marriage

On MSNBC’s The 11th Hour, host Stephanie Ruhle and two of her guests NYU Law professor Melissa Murray and Washington Post reporter Phillip Rucker lost what’s left of their minds over the news that the Supreme Court could be overturning Roe v Wade, according to a leaked decision obtained by Politico. 

Murray asked Ruhle for his opinion on an extract of the court decision.
“The constitution makes no reference to abortion and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional provision.” 

Murray took offense to Murray’s opinion and claimed it was “something”. “conservatives like to talk about incessantly”And that “there are a lot of things that they hold sacrosanct that are not explicit in the constitution either”Like “executive privilege”Or “qualified immunity.” 



She tried then to defend abortion’s universal right and to show how unusual it was that the court could deny that right. 

It is the idea that liberties include the freedom to decide how your body is used. This is something we don’t hear. Again, it is overwhelming. It’s not about overturning Roe Vs Wade. This actually means that we are withdrawing the right which was previously conferred. This is the first time that we have done something like this in American history.

Murray also parroted a line that was used by resident CNN pervert Jeffrey Toobin that overturning Roe wouldn’t return the issue to the states because “we’ve already seen Missouri enact or proposed a law that would make it a crime to leave the state or deny individuals the opportunity to leave the state to seek abortion care elsewhere.”  

She then compared Roe’s overturning and leaving abortion up for the states to state banning inter-racial marriage. “this is something that happened in the days when interracial marriage was prohibited. It could be a crime to actually leave the state to transact an interracial marriage”Murray wept. “we are going to see not a state-by-state settlement of this, but actually more inter-jurisdictional conflict over abortion and the withdrawal of a right that many Americans have come to take for granted at this point.” 

Ruhle then reached out to Philip Rucker as deputy national editor to see if he could optimistically inquire if Roe had been overtortured by the Supreme Court “end up blowing up and Republicans’ face[s]?”Rucker stated that it could be a way to energize Democrats for the next midterm election. 

Rucker turned into a pretzel and speculated that winning the Republican on abortion would open up opportunities for them to ban the same-sex married in the future. 

Republicans may also take away rights. This draft opinion contains language that ignores gay rights, eludes same-sex marriage, and other rights and social values that are dear to Democrats as well as the Progressive base.

Hopefully, Rucker didn’t hurt himself too badly twisting himself into knots with all that twisted logic. It’s clear the leftist media will do or say anything to protect their precious “abortion rights.”

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MSNBC’s The 11th Hour
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STEPHANIE ROHLE: Melissa. On page 5 of this draft it states that there is no mention of abortion in the constitution and that such rights are not implicitly protected under any provision. Could you please explain? 

MELISSA MURAY – This is an issue that conservatives enjoy talking about endlessly. The idea of enumerated, quote-unquote rights. These rights are defined in the Constitution’s text. But they do not say that all rights they have are explicit in the constitution. Qualified immunity, executive privilege, is one example. These are two things we have heard a lot about over the years. These rights and principles are not explicitly stated in the Constitution, but the court recognizes them. There are many rights and principles which are implied, but are not always explicit. The court recognized abortion as one of those things in its past. 

It is the idea that liberties include the freedom to decide how your body will function. This is something we don’t hear. Again, it is overwhelming. It’s not about overturning Roe Vs Wade. This actually means that we are withdrawing the right which was previously conferred. This has never happened in American history. While this might put an end to the ability of states to decide for themselves, we already saw Missouri propose or pass a law which would make it illegal to leave the State or make it impossible to access abortion care anywhere else. This was in an era when inter-racial marriage was illegal. You could face criminal charges if you leave the state in order to perform an interracial wedding. We won’t see a state by state solution to this problem, but more conflict between jurisdictions over abortion rights and the withdrawal from a right many Americans take as a given. 

RUHLE – Phil, this could be a big win for Republicans. But, you have to be cautious what you wish for. This is why they campaign incessantly year after year on it, as it attracts evangelical single-issue voters. The undecided vote is formed when you take in most Republicans and swing voters. A majority of Americans don’t want to ban abortion. Could this lead to Republicans being thrown into disarray?  

PHILIP ROCKER: This could possibly Stephanie. And here’s something to think about, it’s not just the Supreme Court decision but anti-abortion activists are planning and my colleague at the Washington Post Caroline Kitchener has a great piece on this out this morning. They plan to continue to work for a ban on abortion in the United States. Six weeks have passed by congress. So if Republicans won majorities in both the House of Representatives and in the Senate, the leadership would face extraordinary pressure from those in their party who support this type of legislation. However, this type of legislation isn’t popular among the American public. And it could serve the purpose of really cutting into Republican support politically. If this is the way that the court will rule on abortion, you can expect to see Democrats trying to profit from this court ruling. Warning that Republicans may take away other rights. The draft opinion does not mention gay rights. This includes same-sex marriage. These rights are extremely important to Democrats and the Progressive base. They can or will at the very least try to use this ruling to mobilize their voters in advance of the midterm elections.

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