MSNBC Guest: ‘My Favorite Thing Is Hating on Christmas’

I’ll actually give Tiffany Cross some credit: she made an effort to keep her MSNBC Christmas show today largely upbeat and apolitical. A lot of humor about “what is your favourite Christmas movie?” etc.

This was until Cross invited Michael Harriot to the show. ugly anti-Christian and anti-white bigotry broke out.

Cross asked Harriot about his experience. Guardian The columnist discusses his plans for Christmas and New Year. Harriot claimed he was born to Kwaanza and then added:

“I am always experiencing the woke Christmas. You know what? My Christmas haters are always complaining about Christmas. I tell everyone Kwaanza is better.More than Christmas. That’s what I love to do. Just hate on Christmas. 

Harriots preferred meme was then shown on the program, and it read: 

Christmas Would you have your children believe that an obese white man entered your home?You left them presents. What do you think your children should make of all the hard work you put into buying gifts?

Cross stated that Cross’s statement was “hilarious”.

Ironically, Cross mocked the notion that Christmas is War on Christmas earlier in the program, and asked, Is Christmas really the War on Christmas? It is not. 

Yeah, because nothing says No War on Christmas like someone saying his favorite thing is “hating on Christmas” and describing Santa Claus as an obese white man committing multiple B&Es.Santa Claus as obese white burglar MSNBC Cross Connection 12-25-21

A MSNBC guest says that Christmas is his favourite thing. His favorite meme portrays Santa Claus as an obese white man. [who] broke into your house” was sponsored in part by Downy, Progressive, Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

You can find the transcription here.

Cross Connection
10:48 am ET

TIFFANY’S CROSS Are there any Christmas Wars? No. However, we will discuss it with our holiday panel.

. . . 

How do you plan to celebrate the New Year? Do I need an invitation? There are many options. One invitation was sent to me. How do you plan to get involved in the Harriot family?

MICHAEL HARIOT: No plans are made for next year. Kwanza was a holiday I grew to love.A, so, like, New Year was the final day of Kwanzaa. The Delta’s gave away bikes every year, so it would have been a prayer that I would get the bike each Kwanzaa celebration. This is what I did: try to win a bike.

. . . 

CROSS: Michael Harriot!

HARRIOT So, Kwanzaa, which I detest more than Christmas, is always my nemesis. 

That’s it! My favorite thing is to hate ChristmasEveryone should tell everyone about Kwanzaa. Let’s make Kwanzaa great!

CROSS – Is there any meme to go with this? Is it just Michael Harriot, the meme to let’s make Kwanzaa great

We are so happy! Here we are.

MEME DESCRIBED ON A SCREEN [Much laughter on the set] Your children would believe that an obese white man entered your home at Christmas.You left gifts for them.Do you think that’s how you want your kids to see the presents you have worked so hard to purchase?

CROSS: This is just hilarious. 

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