MSNBC Analyst Malcolm Nance Goes to ‘Fight’ in Ukraine, Ends up Punching Himself in the Face – Opinion

A few things about Malcolm Nance’s life are not in dispute. He’s 61. He served in the Navy from 1981-192001 and was retired as a Senior chief. I didn’t have to check Wikipedia to know that; Nance lets everyone who doesn’t ask know that. He’s also a loudmouth and talks about himself — a lot.

He recently left MSNBC as an analyst to join the “fight” in Ukraine. In his words, he was “done talking.” Nance promptly did a lot of talking, and some more talking. His mouth is full of puffy and untruety.

There’s also the optics. When Nance resurfaced in Ukraine, he posed for a photo of himself in his “combat kit.” Combat vets, who have actually seen combat, were quick to mock him for what he was wearing, what he wasn’t wearing  and what he didn’t do. He was empty of magazines and had no money for an iPod. unseatedHe had a magazine inside his gun. Nance’s explanation was: he was too busy “clearing his weapon” to notice.

It seemed that his photo is one of poser-posters. I’m thinking it might be perfect as the back-cover art for his next book of fiction.

I did some searching on the “internets” about Senior Chief Nance. In one long interview with C-SPAN’s Brian Lamb, Nance was asked a lot of interesting questions, and some silly ones, too.

Lamb asked Nance if he had ever “killed a person.”

Nance replied: [emphasis mine]

“Well, I certainly have seen a person killed. I fought – I mean, I was in Beirut in 1983. I participated in naval combat against the coastal positions. My participation in many operations, including the Libyan Air Raid. In the first Gulf War, my unit was in Tripoli with U.S. Tripoli. We hit a mine at sea. That wasn’t half as bad as being near a mine. I then went up to USS Missouri, where I guided drones to attack Iraqi targets.

Once I went ashore with EOD and then with the Saudi forces, there were a lot of dead there….

Are you able to directly fire individuals? Yes. Yes. Now, there’s a big difference between when you use a rifle in a defensive purpose. Half the time, you’re not aiming. You’re trying to, but the enemy moves about. In the first Gulf War, I did mainly suppression fires.

But I’ve many times put my Bosnia: Get your fingers on the maps.”

Nance’s answer to Lamb seems to be more of a resume super-fluffer than an actual answer. Nance still has many supporters and allies on the right. But not from veterans. Nance is regarded as a clown by most vets. Evidence suggests that this is the truth.

Peter Morlock (Navy Senior Chief, E-8), Airborne mission Supervisor, cryptologist and SPECWAR operative) wrote an article on Nance. It was almost like reading a character nuke. It turned Nance’s BS into pink mist. Nance became a nuisance to the Navy. Morlock was in Rota with Naval Reconnaissance Support Activity, NRSA (Rota, Spain) and was directly told by his commander that Malcom Nance’s face would appear anywhere near NRSA. Morlock had the authority to remove Nance.

Morlock mentions that Nance was transferred to SERE school as an “instructor” because no one wanted Nance. Nance’s badassery is evident from the fact that he has fluffed at SERE. Nance did not instruct anyone in SpecOps, or Aviators. I strongly suggest that everyone read Morlock’s article. Morlock is (rightfully) incensed by Nance’s chest-thumping, and particularly bothered by Nance wearing a combat action ribbon, when Nance almost certainly never saw direct action.

After Nance posed for his “I’m in Ukraine fighting, I’m not talking” photo, he did an interview on NBC to share some ‘Nance-speak.’ In an incredible (and hilarious) video, Nance (sans combat kit) is seen donning a bright yellow jacket and talking about his favorite subject — Nance.

The interview revealed that there were incoming weapons. Nance looks up and down, and sniffs the air for clues of what ordinance are “incoming.” He yells “Standby” (whatever that means) multiple times.  At one point, he get a super-serious look on his face and pulls his arm up to check… his watch.

Nance then tells his interviewer and the audience that, by looking at his watch, he can tell the “missiles” are coming from “East-Southeast” which, according to Nance, he instantly translates into  “caliber anti-ship missiles.” Nance is sitting in a park…in a city. The video is available to view. It’s hilarious and sad at the same time — and resembles an episode of “The Office.”

Never served in the military. Both my father and son served in the military, so that’s a plus. You know what I don’t know? But, I’m able to read with my two eyes. Even I don’t even need to stay at a Holiday Inn to know that Malcolm Nance is a posing clown.

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