MRCTV Exclusive with Bethany Mandel: Social Media Censored Her Children’s Books – and You Won’t Believe Why

When conservative columnist Bethany Mandel realized she’d been locked out of her publishing company’s Facebook account, she thought surely it had been a mistake.

After all, the company simply published children’s books. The series, entitled “Heroes of Liberty,” had only been available for a few months, each beautifully illustrated, well-researched volume centered on the life of a notable conservative icon – Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Amy Coney Barrett, to name a few. While the book was being added, the company had already spent the bulk of its seed capital on building its Facebook fan base to spread word.

But someone at Facebook wasn’t a fan. After realizing her company had been banned without warning from advertising and event shut out of the account they’d spent months – and money – building, Mandel took to Twitter with her story as Facebook’s latest target for censorship.

Blasted out to her more than 90,000 Twitter followers, Mandel’s story quickly caught the attention of notable Republican lawmakers, conservative pundits, and right-wing personalities.

Now, in an exclusive interview, Mandel sits down with MRCTV’s Brittany Hughes to talk about the dangers of social media censorship, how she fought it and won…

And how to do it.

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