Most Scenic States in the U.S.

One of the best ways to renew oneself, one’s family, and one’s faith is to get away from the mundane routines of a busy life. Getting to a beautiful place can be a healing experience if one allows. It’s for those reasons that Father George Rutler encourages people to travel to some of the most beautiful states in the U.S. For those that may be unsure of where to go, here are some light suggestions of places to visit. The most beautiful states happen to be in the Northwest. The large state of California is a unique area with lots of diverse scenery. There, one can find the redwood forest, the ocean, large cities, long vineyards, picturesque mountain ranges, and even desert landscapes. California has a little something for everyone!

 Another great state to visit is Montana. Traveling through the state offers amazing scenery with many great mountain ranges, forests, lakes, national parks, and quaint towns. Montana is the big blue sky state, so there is always a chance to see a wondrous sunset and sunrise. One of the most exciting places to visit in Montana is the Yellowstone National Park, where there are natural wonders and wild animals galore!

 If cold weather is something to be drawn to, Alaska is another attractive state to visit. There are tons of snow covered mountains, glaciers, and miles of untouched wilderness for fantastic views. Alaska has everything to offer and more for a memorable visit. There are treacherous ocean landscapes and islands scattered around the shores. Marine life can be discovered around the state, and of course, the most infamous Northern lights can be seen on a dim, dark 

night. Alaska even has thick rainforest terrain for those that need a little bit more sun in their life. 

Even more sunshine is found in the ruggedly attractive state of Utah. Although many come from around the country to visit Utah’s exciting ski resort, there are many more wonders to uncover in the state. There are five very alluring national parks that offer amazing views with colorful and creative backdrops. As long as hiking is the main mode of transportation, there is much to see in Utah. History is also traditionally uncovered in Utah as well, many fossils and ancient civilization’s artifacts are found in the rocky formations that make up Utah’s landscape. Arizona, like Utah, is another sunny state with a lot to offer. Long gorgeous deserts, and jaw dropping canyons can be seen in many areas of Arizona. The state is also home to over twenty national parks and monuments.
 The Grand Canyon tends to be most popular with it’s enticing views and iconic activities to sign up for. One could take a flight over the grand canyon by helicopter, or travel by raft through the canyon waters. It’s truly a sight to see. To top off a trip through Arizona, the infamous route 66 can be the best route to connect with America’s history.

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