Morning Joe: It’s ‘Paranoid’ To Say Gov. Coming For Guns, But Praises Beto Who Said Just That!

Joe Scarborough can help the Morning Joe Can this crew truly be so ignorant? Willie Geist and Scarborough repeatedly stated that people should be paranoid about the possibility that their guns could be taken by the government. But there’s just one problem: in that same segment, Scarborough praised Beto O’Rourke, who said just that, for the political stunt he pulled yesterday, in which he interrupted Texas Gov. Greg Abbott speaking at the press conference about Uvalde’s school shooting.

Joe, Beto O’Rourke. You may recall that O’Rourke, during his short, unsuccessful run for the Democratic presidency in 2019, said in a Democratic presidential debate: 

“Hell yes! “Hell yes!



You can see the clip in the link. The line drew large cheers among the Democrat audience. 

O’Rourke later retracted that statement after it was politically unsustainable. Do you doubt O’Rourke and his Democratic colleagues would be able to take guns from law-abiding Americans if they could?

Scarborough responded to O’Rourke’s stunt by calling O’Rourke “sick” and claimed O’Rourke was the sickest son of a bitch. Scarborough called Abbott twice and his companions. “freaks.”

Is Joe Scarborough experiencing short-term memory impairment? Was he deliberately hiding the fact that Beto O’Rourke had claimed that he would take guns from their lawful owners. Joe, remember: Who is the freak and the sob?

Joe Scarborough, a Morning Joe host, stated that it was paranoid for anyone to believe the government would take away their guns. He also praised Beto O’Rourke who said “Hell yeah! GlaxoSmithKline (maker of Nucala & CarFax) sponsored part of the sponsorship. 

The transcript is here.

MSNBC’sMorning Joe
6:17 am EDT

JOE SCARBOROUGH :A paranoid minority. Willie: It’s all calculated by gun lobbyists representing gun manufacturers. They whipping A paranoid minorityThis has been a constant roaring firestorm for many years. It’s a mystery to me why senators aren’t stepping forward, when 91% of Americans desire universal background checks. That’s something I can’t understand.

WILLIE GEIST: Andi t’s happening again right now. You mean that the hours immediately following the attack were filled with certainThere are outlets saying: Buy your guns. They want your guns.Are they surprised that no one has ever tried to seize their guns? The big seizure comes every time they hear it.

SCARBOROUGH, Buy More Guns. They’re seizing your guns, go get guns. 

GEIST: Barack Obama won, and they are coming after your guns. They’re after Sandy Hook. Uvalde! They’re coming for your guns. Biden was elected and the list goes on. 

We are now at the moment that we briefly mentioned. Beto O’Rourke interrupted Texas Governor Greg Abbott at the Uvalde news conference. At the end of the event, the former congressman was present in the crowd. O’Rourke then walked towards the Governor’s feet and addressed him after Abbott’s opening remarks.

BETO O’ROURKE says: It’s time to shoot your next sop. You’re not doing anything. Your actions are all about nothing.

PERSON ON THE STAGE: This guy needs to leave. You don’t want to discuss this here. 

O’ROURKE : When you decide not to do something, this is completely predictable.

PERSON ON STAGE : Sir, your out of line. Sir, you’re out of line.Sir, this is not the right place. Please exit this auditorium. It’s unbelievable that you would agree to this deal to raise a political topic.

. . .

SCARBOROUGH – Mika is onstage calling the guy a sick boy of a bitch because he actually brought up guns

MIKA BRZEZINSKI : One thing was left out of the press conference.

SCARBOROUGH, Because again it’s simply: Look over there! It’s always more than one thing. Mental health. It’s about mental health. It’s mental health. I don’t know if Governor Abbott has funded it. Everyone goes. Wow, it’s not true. This is a way to forget all about the massacre. Another massacre. Abbott’s new state sees yet another slaughter. Mika, talk about a sick child of a bitch. Who was the man who called Beto “a sick child of a bitch”? 

It was the stage where you could see that sick child of a fewches! The stage was full of freaksThat they keep passing gun legislation which permits 18-year olds to obtain weapons of war and shoot down children. All that Beto spoke to these reporters and all that he stated is supported by overwhelming majority Americans. You can also find out more about And That’s the real problem here.

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