Morning Joe Energetically Covers for Biden on DOJ Interference, Executive Privilege

The reporters at the Biden White House aren’t there to expose Obama, they’re there to tidy up his rhetorical missteps. 

Don’t forget Monday! Morning Joe. Biden was frank in his response to Kaitlan Collins, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins asking him whether he felt that the Department of Justice should pursue people like Steve Bannon for refusing to testify before the Jan 6th special committee. 

This sounds almost like Biden tried to stop the fair and impartial administration justice. No! 

Jonathan Lemire and Joe Scarborough were first [who somehow doubles as a supposedly objective AP “reporter” when he’s not spouting liberal opinions as an MSNBC analyst]Biden was defended by Lemire who rushed to his defense. Lemire insistently stated that Collins was in his press gaggle, and that he could clean it up.

Let’s be clear, here.Here he is speaking his mind. It is very different from what Donald Trump did previouslyWhile he was at the helm.”

Is that true? True, DOJ issued a statement saying that it will make its own decisions. But Biden’s bell cannot be disarmed. Do you think that ambitious DOJ attorneys will not remember what “Big Guy” is looking for? This was even more precious because Lemire began Biden’s defense by declaring, Let’s get this out of the way. Sounded like the president was sending a clear message that “justice” and prosecuting the Trump advisers was the same thing.

Lemire’s comments then ranged from absurd to downright funny. Lemire stated that Trump’s executive privilege claim regarding Jan 6th-related communications was not honored by Biden.

The White House is deeply concerned about January 6th. That’s why they would not let President Trump use executive privilege “To help his friends.”

You must be a man of action! Lemire knows that it’s lame to suggest that Biden is for prosecuting Trump out of the goodness of his heart, and that somehow refusing Trump’s  executive privilege claim couldn’t be seen as a nakedly partisan desire to expose and harm Trump, and Republicans in general. 

Lemire, who claimed the presidency was nakedly partisan, got another side-splitter.Members of the select panel “want an exhaustive investigation.” fairIt’s true. Adam Schiff is a member of the committee that exemplifies fairness.

Lemire’s last error: Lemire claimed that Biden set a new tone in the Justice Department. Lemire contrasted this with “Jeff Sessions: The way he does it Bill BarrThe place was run by the runners” Jeff Sessions, President Trump’s Attorney General for Being Expelled Too independentRobert Mueller was appointed to investigate the Russian connection.

Merrick Garland, the DOJ, issuing lawsuits against states for voting-integrity laws and immigration control. His every move is pleasing to the Democrats and their media partners.

Biden’s interference in the Justice Department investigation was covered by Morning Joe. Sponsored by BMW, Amazon and GoDaddy as well as Sleep Number.

You can find the transcription here.

Morning Joe
6:08 am EDT

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: The House select committee investigating the January 6th insurrection will convene tomorrow evening to vote on adopting a contempt report over former Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s refusal to comply with a subpoena.

The President Biden offered his opinion on Friday regarding whether Justice Department should bring criminal charges against those who ignore such subpoenas.

REPORTER: What’s your message to people who defy congressional subpoenas on the January 6th committee?

JOE BIDEN : I wish that they are pursued by the committee and held accountable.

REPORTER Are they to be charged by the Justice Department

BIDEN I do, yes.

MIKA: Responding to the White House’s wall of separation, the DOJ stated that the Department of Justice would make all decisions regarding prosecutions based on facts and law. It’s that simple. Complete stop.

JOE SCARBOROUGH : Jonathan Lemire was the vice president, or, at the very least, the President, who came out to give his opinions on what the Justice Department should be doing. The difference between the Justice Departments under Donald Trump and the current one was evident quickly.The men came immediately to the rescue and stated that they were happy for you to voice your opinions. They said, “We’re going make that decision ourselves.”

JONATHAN LEMIRE (Yes, it’s true). It was me who saw the President say that from the South Lawn of White House. This was not surprising. 

However let’s be clear, here. Here he is speaking his mind. It is quite different from what Donald Trump used when he held office.Which he attempted to use the Department of Justice in his capacity as his personal lawyer and lawyer firm. He also tried to go after his political adversaries. 

The DOJ was keen to clarify that, and so the White House also stated this over the weekend. That they want—there’s a bright line here, the say, between the West Wing and main Justice and they’re not going to interfere. 

And that’s been the tone from this administration from the start. It was like what President Biden said. One of Trump’s most damaging legacy is the fact thatAmericans are losing faith in institutions. The Department of Justice is at the top of the heap, and it’s leading to Americans feeling disillusioned. Jeff Sessions Bill Barr and Bill Barr managed the property.That he is determined to ensure their independence and freedom from any interference. This has been the tone they have used throughout the process.

This being said The White House cares deeply about January 6, 2018. That’s why they would not let former President Trump use executive privilegeto assist his allies that have been summoned before the House’s select committee. Trump may also face the exact same fate. Right now, there are discussions in the committee. 

They feel that this is something. They want an exhaustive investigation. fair Not just to bring those to justice, but, of course, to send some sort of message that behavior like this won’t be tolerated again with more elections on the horizon and real fears about whether Republicans will certify the results if they don’t like them.

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