More People Accepted Abe Lincoln’s Election Than Joe Biden’s – Opinion

Now the question is whether Chuck Todd really lies this openly about his history, or if it is true that he truly is so ignorant about history.

This is the beginning. These people are the ones who present themselves as intellectuals of the country. Journalists love to be our bests. They are the elite thinkers and can rule the news over those living in flyover country. As Chuck Todd makes absurd claims, keep that in your mind.

Some of the long-form coverage yesterday of January 6, anniversary by the media was emotional. MSNBC combinesThe panel was comprised of Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell as hostess. The panel looked over the event and Joe Biden’s speech, but they were sternly focused on what they meant. Todd made a bizarre claim, which Mitchell also accepted.

  • TODD: “Lincoln’s election was more accepted.” 
  • MITCHELL: “Just.” 
  • TODD: “In 1860. ”
  • MITCHELL: “Just thinking about it. We were all in agreement with the transfer of power, even during the Civil War..”

It’s amazing. It is amazing to see how they can say that with such a straight face and without any kind of reflection or shading. If they’re trying to gaslight entire countries, you are truly left in a state of confusion. It’s difficult to believe that such eminent journalists could be so arrogant. ThisSome rather shocking historical facts were not known to them.

Just the very fact that the country descended into a civil conflict not long after the election of Abraham Lincoln should have these two galaxy-minds reconsidering their comments, but the actual timeline and the details of that 1860 election completely undermine any claim that Joe Biden is experiencing a pushback that even approaches what Lincoln’s election provoked. 

Lincoln was elected on November 6, 1861. The result brought the Southern States into being. NowThey began to secede. Many called for secession conventions in the same week Lincoln was elected president. A number of members of Congress resigned over the election, as did members of President Buchanan’s cabinet. Within days of Lincoln’s victory, South Carolina had already begun to build an army for defense. It was the first state in the Union to secede, and did so by unanimous consent at its convention. 

This is the reaction Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell are saying was “Peaceful transfer of power” in 1860.

Seven states had already voted to seize the Union by February 18th, so they gathered to create their own union. These states all gathered to draw up their own Constitution, elect a President and Vice President, and Jefferson Davis was inaugurated as President of the Confederacy — all before Abraham Lincoln had even been sworn in. These snobbers want to convince us that Lincoln was inaugurated in a faster manner than Biden. 

To underline the idiocy displayed by these two men, one more detail must be noted in order for them to fully blast their claim into confetti. How can Abraham Lincoln be said to be “Acceptance is greater” than Biden when he was not even permitted to be voted on in the South? Lincoln didn’t even make it to the Southern ballots for the 1861 election.

It is what our media are currently experiencing. These supposed intellectual elites love to talk to their audience with condescending levels. They cannot grasp basic facts about a notable historical election. It is the result of a desperate need to frame today’s environment in a manner that is favorable to their preferred leader. The need to prop up President Biden today means yesterday’s history is as disposable as a Post-It Note with a typo.

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