Chris Pratt Appears to Go Biblical on the Media Over American Flag T-Shirt ‘Scandal’

Chris Pratt last week tweeted out what many read as a biblical takedown of the media uproar over his choice of American flag T-shirt.

Trump Says US Military Could Wipe Afghanistan ‘Off the Face of the Earth’ in ‘a Week’

President Donald Trump told reporters that the U.S. military could end the war in Afghanistan "in a week" if he had the stomach for a massacre.

AOC Says Living in the US Is a Human Right – Calls for ‘Lifelong’ Reparations for Illegals

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seemed to advocate open borders, suggesting in a speech to constituents that living in the United States is a human right.

Ilhan Omar Accidentally Claims Allegiance To Somalia – Calls It ‘My Country’

Rep. Ilhan Omar apparently misspoke, accidentally referring to her birthplace, Somalia, as her country before correcting herself.

Radio Station Ordered to Pay Feminists for ‘Excluding Women’ Sends Them $8,470 – in Coins

Kol Barama responded to losing a gender discrimination lawsuit, and being ordered to pay a feminist group $8,470, by rendering payment in the form of coins.

Socialist Venezuela Picks Fight With US Aircraft, Gets Brutal Response

A Venezuelan jet "aggressively" shadowed a U.S. Navy aircraft in internationa waters according to official from U.S. Southern Command.

Pentagon Report on Military Suicides Spurs Talk of Confiscating Guns From Troops and Vets

A Pentagon survey of military suicides has revived calls for restricting access to guns for service members and veterans.

Marine Corps Tells Vet Congressman to Stop Using Its Emblem in 2020 Race Against Muslim Woman

The United States Marine Corps sent a letter to Rep. Duncan Hunter asking him to stop use of the Marines emblem for political purposes last week.

Feminists Immediately Start Language-Policing ‘Female Thor’ Reactions: Don’t Call Her That!

Marvel let it be known that women are taking over the most powerful roles in Marvel's Thor franchise, but that wasn't enough for many liberal commentators.

Every Leading Democrat Was Just Mailed an American Flag With Instructions on How to Use It

RNC spokeswoman Liz Harrington said that her group is shipping the American flag to 73 leading Democrats in Washington, D.C., and across the country.

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