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Spotify has faced more criticism for its decision to keep Joe Rogan’s podcast on the platform.

Neil Young challenged Spotify to take down the podcast. Spotify has removed his music.

Joni Mitchell asked for her music to be removed from this platform.

“Irresponsible people are spreading lies that are costing people their lives,” Mitchell said of her decision. “I stand in solidarity with Neil Young and the global scientific and medical communities on this issue.”

Via their foundation, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also expressed “concerns” about the platform’s ability to combat misinformation online.

According to an Archewell spokesperson, “Last April our co-founders started expressing concerns at Spotify about all too real consequences from COVID-19 misinformation.” CNN. We have been continuing to voice our concern to Spotify in order to make sure that changes are made on Spotify’s platform to address the public health crisis.

The spokesperson said that Spotify was “looking to us to help this moment” and said they were committed to continuing their work together.

They had an agreement to podcast on Spotify, but they continued to criticize its decision-making.

A spokesperson stated that Archewell has worked since its inception to combat the global misinformation crisis. Every day, hundreds of millions are affected by rampant misinformation and its serious consequences.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek announced that Spotify will add an advisory to podcasts that include COVID-19. This will direct the user to medical and health information.

“We know we have a critical role to play in supporting creator expression while balancing it with the safety of our users,” he said. “In that role, it is important to me that we don’t take on the position of being content censor while also making sure that there are rules in place and consequences for those who violate them.”

Conservatives under threat Your senators, representatives, and local politicians should contact you to insist that all ideas supported by them protect conservative speech. The First Amendment should be respected by tech giants. It must also allow users to express themselves freely as interpreted and enforced by the U.S. Supreme Court. If you have been censored, contact us using CensorTrack’s Use the contact formPlease help us make Big Tech more accountable.

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