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Note: This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Monday, July 11th. You can also hear the audio below.

I’m old enough to remember when Billy Carter served as an embarrassment to his older brother, Jimmy, with his Billy Beer and public intoxication. And then there was Roger Clinton, nicknamed “Headache” by the Secret Service during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Presidential relatives engaging in suspect – sometimes scandalous – behavior are hardly a rarity. But in the First Family Ne’er Do Well Hall of Fame – or Shame — one man slumps miles above the rest: Hunter Biden – the “smartest guy Joe knows.”

I don’t have time in a minute-long commentary to even hit Hunter’s highlights – or lowlights — but consider this: Setting aside the abundant evidence of his corrupt business dealings, the 52-year-old Yale Law School grad: is a known crack addict, was discharged from the Navy (at 43!) due to a failed drug test, had an affair with his brother’s widow, fathered a child with a stripper, tossed an illegal gun in a dumpster, borrowed thousands of dollars from The Big Guy to finance his drug and Russian prostitute habit, and recorded a video of himself smoking crack and drinking a White Claw in a “sensory deprivation tank” – in 2019! — and he has a penchant for recording these exploits and saving them to laptops, which he subsequently abandons.

I don’t know what Hunter’s Secret Service codename is: But I’m guessing it’s not Einstein.

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