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Note: This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Wednesday, July 6th. You can hear the audio below.

It may sound counterintuitive for someone who lives a lot online but it is important to make an effort to disconnect from time-to-time. Monday is the fourth day of the week.ThIt was July and it offered the perfect opportunity.

The day started out great – with the chance to walk in the O’Fallon, MO, Heritage and Freedom Fest Parade with my NewsTalkSTL friends. It was amazing! Hot morning, but so worth it – two miles of parade route, lined the entire way with freedom-loving Americans out sporting their red, white, and blue, waving flags, and celebrating the independence – and uniqueness – of this amazing country which we’re all privileged to call “home.”

O’Fallon, MO, Heritage and Freedom Fest Parade (Credit: Susie Moore)

A lazy afternoon was spent in the pool, taking in the sun and talking to friends. Then, we headed down to St. Charles to watch a fireworks show and hear live music with our Missourian neighbors.

It’s not that the world – or the news, some of it quite distressing – stopped. It’s about having the opportunity to live without all of it. InIt is better than arguing AboutIt or the report OnIt was truly a blessing.

Quite honestly, I can’t think of a better way to spend a day and recharge your batteries.

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