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If you’re a political junkie like me, you follow along with all the intrigue swirling around elections pretty closely. I have to confess, though —  I have a serious pet peeve when it comes to national elections: the tendency to get ahead of ourselves and start focusing on the next presidential election when we haven’t even made it through the midterms.

In Missouri, we haven’t even held our primary yet (another pet peeve of mine while we’re airing our grievances). And nationally, we’re three-and-a-half months out from the general election – which looks to be significant – possibly seismic – in the shift we may see.

But already, there’s talk – a lot of talk – about who’ll be running for president in 2024 — both as to the Democrats and the Republicans. This, in and of itself, is very interesting considering the fact that the Oval Office occupant is just in his second term.

The presidency fascinates me. It’s obviously the most notable office in the land – in the free world, for that matter. If we concentrate our energies solely on one office, we risk missing out on the whole picture. Congressional elections have as much impact as the presidency – if not more. As we saw during the pandemics, local and state elections have a direct impact on our everyday lives.

Pay attention, focus on the forest – and choose wisely!


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