63 Percent of Democrats Think Obama Was a Better President Than George Washington

A recent poll revealed a majority of Democrats believe Barack Obama was a better president than George Washington.

The Monmouth University poll was released on Tuesday.

63 percent of Democrats surveyed picked Obama when asked “Who was a better president: George Washington or Barack Obama?”

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When the same question was posed to Republicans, 44 percent said Washington was a better president than Donald Trump.

“There is a combination of factors at work when you ask a question like this. Democrats may be more likely than Republicans to be influenced by recency bias, valuing what they are familiar with over historical opinion. It’s a fun question to ask, but I’m not sure what it means,”  Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute, said in a press release.

Overall, 58 percent of respondents said Washington was a better president than Obama.

Monmouth’s poll follows a YouGov/Economist survey conducted in November, which found that a majority of Republicans think Trump is a better president than Abraham Lincoln.

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Some pundits in the political class responded to the November survey’s results by criticizing Trump supporters.

“This is not a party this is a cult,” declared Pulitzer prize-winning columnist Leonard Pitts, Jr. while speaking to MSNBC’s Joy Reid about the YouGov poll.

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