MMA Fighter Helps Save Cop In Distress

There are plenty of athletes in the NFL, NBA and elsewhere who perpetuate the lie that the majority of cops and law enforcement members are good for nothing racists that don’t deserve our respect. Only a few people still value police and will do anything to keep them safe.

William Cassoday observed last week that Jamison Smith, Porter County Sheriff, was confronting Christopher Delgado. Delgado was wanted on a charge of auto theft, but started to assault the officer once Smith went in to arrest the felon.

Cassoday is an MMA fighter and intervened in Smith’s favor. Cassoday was able to turn Delgado’s body and used a move called the “rear naked choke” to incapacitate the man, preventing him from assaulting the cop anymore.

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“He just kind of went limp for a moment,” Cassoday said.

Smith used the stranglehold to get Delgado into custody. Delgado is now facing a felony charge of auto theft and a misdemeanor resisting arrest.

Cassoday’s heroic actions were not lost on the Porter County Sheriff’s office, who thanked the MMA fighter for risking his own safety to help an officer.

Cpl. Benjamin McFalls said. “Mr. Cassoday was a great example of what it meant to live in Porter County. “We will pay tribute to him soon.”

This attitude should not be one of disdain and hatred towards law enforcement.

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