Missouri AG Eric Schmitt Takes Biden to Task Over Sale of Oil, Energy Policies – Opinion

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt hasn’t been one to pull punches when it comes to taking on the Biden Administration.

Previously, he blasted Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm over skyrocketing diesel prices.

Schmitt sent a Thursday letter to President Biden in which he criticized him for selling oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and the harmful energy policies that the Obama administration is continuing to pursue.

RedState obtained Schmitt’s letter and he highlights the ubiquitous Biden gas pumps stickers.

You once spoke of your own family that “when the price of a gallon of gasoline went up, it was discussed at the kitchen table.”1 This has been the topic at Missourians’ dinner tables for months now as your repeated failures to lower the price of fuel they need to get to work makes it increasingly harder to make ends meet. In the Show-Me State, gas pumps regularly include a picture of you pointing to the outrageous price and stating, “I did this.” Well, Mr. President, these stickers say it all.

Schmitt continued, laying out the impact of the Biden Administration’s disastrous efforts.

Under your administration’s extremist policies, we have seen the worst economy since the 2008 recession. Inflation was expected to fall to 2.1% in the next year. This prediction was made one year ago. We now see inflation at twice that level.2You and your administration have chosen to promote your environmental woke ideology in the knowledge that this would increase gas prices to levels not seen before. The previous administration saw America drill and refine oil itself, and other countries sought American energy. Now we have a supply chain in chaos, a shortage in baby formula, and gas prices breaking $5 per gallon nationally compared to the Trump Administration’s national price of below $2 per gallon.3

The Attorney General further put Biden’s decision to drain the SPR in perspective:

Your administration tried to put a band-aid on the problem by reducing our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to an incredibly low level.4 If one took the three largest operational sales in American history (sales made in response to Desert Storm, Hurricane Katrina and Libya’s Collective Action), it would result in 58.940 million barrels of oil sold.5 These sales combined still do not compare to this year’s 101.98 million barrels sold.6Even though all that oil had been released, gas prices continued to climb. The price of gasoline rose $0.71 per gallon one month following your March release.7

Then Schmitt points to an even more troubling aspect of this move — one which we’ve noted previously.

Even worse is the fact that nearly $25.7 billion was spent by the United States taxpayers on the critical emergency oil supply sold from their Strategic Petroleum Reserve.8The on has reached Europe and China.9 the nation that the Secretary of State has labeled as the “‘most serious long­ term’ threat to world order.”10According to some reports, the Communist company who stands to profit from this sale also has financial relationships with family members. Washington D.C. is the only place that could imagine a catastrophic strategic event of such magnitude.

Oh, but I’m sure that familial connection is just happenstance. There is nothing to be seen there.

Although the entire letter is well worth reading, this quote from Attorney General Schmitt sums it all:

Missourians continue to be stunned at the incompetence and blatant disregard we see.


You can find the complete text below.

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