Miss “Tax the Rich” Is Allowing Fines to Pile Up Over Unpaid Tax Warrants – Opinion

Democrat sweetheart and New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez believes that the wealthy should be slammed with even more taxes than they already are because, as the radical left loves to repeat time and again, “the rich should pay their fair share.”

Thing is, it would appear that AOC doesn’t think the rules should apply to her, which is pretty par for the course for a modern leftist.

According to the Washington Examiner, AOC used to have a business in 2012 called the “Brook Avenue Press” which focused on publishing children’s books. State records show that Brook Avenue Press was closed down in New York after the company went bankrupt. AOC did not pay the corporation taxes, so New York filed a tax warrant for the state in July 2017. This was just two months after her primary campaign against Joe Crowley. Documents show that she owed $1618.

Now, it has risen 52 percent to $2461, as of Wednesday. The Examiner has confirmed that the warrant remains open according to the Bronx County Clerk’s Office.

AOC’s office has previously said this matter is being contested, but this was back in 2020. Whether or not it’s being contested is still up in the air, but it’s not like the New York congresswoman doesn’t have the means to pay it off. You see, she’s one of the wealthy now. As the Examiner makes clear, AOC has raked in over half a million dollars since she’s been in office.

What’s more, she lives in a swanky DC apartment, drives a Tesla, and illegally parks said Tesla when she shops at Whole Foods within walking distance of said swanky DC apartment. A mere $2461 is too much for anyone who has the means to pay all that. These days, her love of taxes is evident. This is the same woman who wore a “tax the rich” dress and created the “Green New Deal” policy that would require taxes to be jacked up as high as 70 percent.

AOC at Met Gala

If AOC truly believes what she believes, that taxes are truly the way to a better society, then why won’t she pay the taxes she owes? Is she challenging these taxes? Are you saying she is claiming that the government tried to take that money away from her in error? Is it because she wants to keep that money?

Seems AOC doesn’t truly believe everything she espouses.

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