‘Ministry of Truth’ Leader Jankowicz Pushed Trump-Russia Misinfo, Conspiracies

Nina Jankowicz, Disinformation Governance Board Leader has a long history of spreading false info.

Disinformation Governance Board leader JankowiczSpread false Trump Russia collusion talking points, including the 2016 debunked Alfa Bank narrative and praises for speeches that cite the Steele Dossier. Critics often compare the censorship board under President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security to the “Ministry of Truth” from George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984.

Jankowicz retweetedFalse claims by Hillary Clinton at the time that Donald Trump coordinated with Russia via Alfa Bank were made. Jankowicz commented at the time that the claim “[c]confirms our worst fears regarding Trump. I am horrified.” The narrative was completely debunked in following years. The left-wing even Washington Post The Alfa Bank story was not true, it was admitted. However, the article still attempted to theorize that the more “likely scenario” was that “the Trump Organization was using a third-party vendor to entice an Alfa Bank employee to visit a Trump golf club and the Alfa Bank server was responding by trying to figure out if this was a legitimate email or not.”

Former President Barack Obama’s Russia ambassador Michael McFaul tweeted in March 2017  that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) gave “a terrific statement” during a congressional hearing on Trump’s so-called collusion with Russia. This is the Washington Examiner summarized that much of Schiff’s remarks “consisted of reading discredited dossier allegations into the congressional record, and he mentioned Steele six times.” Jankowicz responded by tweetingI agree, which is why Congressional investigations into Trump-Russia ties are an essential part of democracy.” [Emphasis added.]

The ExaminerReports state that Jankowicz cited in her 2020 book debunked Steele Dossier claims How Russia Fakes News and The Future of Conflict: How to Lose Information War:

“‘The extent of Russian influence over the U.S. election — and perhaps even the Trump campaign itself — was becoming clearer and more worrisome with each day that passed in the new young year,’ Jankowicz wrote of early 2017.”

Independent journalist Glenn GreenwaldAnswered to ExaminerYou can report on this incident at observing: “The people and institutions who scream the loudest about the need for the state and corporate giants to censor ‘disinformation’ are the ones who most aggressively and harmfully spread disinformation.” Greenwald added that the pattern was “like an unbending law of the universe.”

Retired U.S. Diplomat Diplomat Alberto Miguel Fernandez quipped: “So head of now notorious #DHS #DisinformationGovernanceBoard was promoting disinformation online in 2016 and beyond. But it was the type of disinformation you get a pass for these days.”

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