Midge Decter, RIP; Video of Her At MRC’s DisHonors Awards in 2005

Midge Decter, a leading Neoconservative Intellectual and author, died Monday at 94.

At the Media Research Center’s “2005 DisHonors Awards: Roasting the Most Outrageously Biased Liberal Reporters of 2004,” Decter accepted in jest, on behalf of Janeane Garofalo, the “I’m Not a Political Genius But I Play One on TV Award.”  

This video is from the 21 April gala in the Grand Ballroom at the J.W. Marriott in Washington, D.C., you’ll see Neal Boortz announce the winner of the category and show the clip that earned Garofalo the “award,” then hear the humorous acceptance remarks from Decter.


MRC President Brent Bozell observed, “Midge Decter was a class act: brilliant, dedicated, humble and by God, was she witty!”

I will always remember her as an enthusiastic annual participant as a judge helping to choose, at year end, the worst media quotes of the year for the MRC’s Best of Notable Quotables. Her ballot would include witty comments about media personalities; Eleanor Clift is a particular favorite. Eleanor Clift always makes me laugh, so she made a lot of funny remarks.

For a woman of so much accomplishment and influence, Decter always wanted to be simply identified as an “author.”

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