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“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Before I can get to the point of Saturday’s accomplishments by the Michigan Republican Party, let me tell you why I shared this famous quote about humanity.

Red State writers are required to create a headline before they can begin to write. The headlines I get from my coworkers are a good preview of the story and a little bit funny. It helps to generate interest, and people are more likely to click the post and see the wisdom below it.

So. So, when I tried to think of a title to describe what Michigan Republicans did yesterday at Lansing’s Republican convention, which saw Shane Hernandez, a former state representative, elected as their lieutenant governor nominee, I found one.

At first, I thought about mentioning that he was Hispanic and, I believe, the first person of Hispanic heritage to run for the Republicans in a Governor’s race.

When I asked my friends about Shane’s experiences in the Michigan House of Representatives during his two terms, they didn’t mention that he was Hispanic. What they did bring up was that he was a damn fine legislator and a solid conservative–and an even better human being. So, instead of going with the easy gotcha word in the headline like progressives and Democrats will do, I decided to take a little bit of a different path; it reminded me of Reverend King’s words in his “I Have a Dream” speech.

This will be a disappointment to Progressive Princess AOC. However, I really hope she is able to get past it, before her doomsday alarm strikes midnight. AOC Doomsday Countdown Clock Update: We Don’t Have Much More Time Left on Earth.

Let’s now move on to the ticket, which will attempt to defeat Gretchen Whitmer in November and Garlin Gilchrist, the Democrat lieutenant Governor candidate.

Yesterday, the Michigan Republicans met in the Michigan Capitol and officially confirmed Tudor Dixon’s choice to be her running mate in November. Due to some excitement over Macomb County which was the birthplace of the Reagan Democrats, the meeting went a little slower than planned. Later this week, I’ll be diving deeper into that.

A few days back, I had written about the controversy surrounding Hernandez’s qualifications to fill the second spot. I wasn’t sure what it meant. What is the Fight Over GOP Lt. Governor in Michigan?

From that article…

There have been rumors that Hernandez would be replacing him at the GOP’s state convention in Lansing after he was named the pick. Michigan’s voters elect the head of the ticket. Candidates get to choose their running mate. However, it must be approved by the party at its convention.

From what I know, most whispering is unfounded rumor-mongering. Here’s why.

When I ask for any of these wild, crazy stories to be proven or backed up by little things called EVIDENCE, I’m told to do my research and Google it. You will generally tell the people you claim to know what it means to have something proven to be true if they don’t. This is accomplished with joy and passion that’s similar to a child opening Christmas gifts on December 25th.

Even though it looked like it should be easy sailing for Shane to be picked, there is a saying we have in Michigan that goes like this…

There is no certainty in life except death, taxes and Gretchen Whitmer wrongly calling us Michiganders.

Not all men are stoners or male geese. Fact Check: Hey Michigan, You Are NOT a Michigander.

Yet with some of the excitement that occurred earlier on the day of the convention, the delegates came together to overwhelmingly confirm Tudor Dixon’s pick to run with her this fall. From The Detroit News

Michigan Republicans officially set their ticket of candidates for November at an occasionally combative convention Saturday in downtown Lansing, where former state Rep. Shane Hernandez was selected as the party’s nominee for lieutenant governor.

It began with loudboos for Chairman Ron Weiser. Then came a nearly two-hour battle over the choice of delegates to represent Macomb County. The meeting ended in overwhelming support for Hernandez of Port Huron. She was chosen as her running-mate by Tudor Dixon, the Republican candidate for governor.

After all of the controversy had subsided, the newly confirmed candidate made fun of it all by tweeting the following.

In this respect, he is correct. The checklist for being a “good” Dem goes a little bit like this…

*Support abortion on demand until birth with no exceptions and ban anyone who raises just a simple objection.

*Keep printing and spending money and act like inflation is not really a thing–and blame Trump.

*Pretending Joe Biden knows whether or not he has pants on and that Hunter is really the smartest person Joe knows.

Thankfully, the Michigan GOP yesterday–after a bit of a rough start at the beginning of their meeting–did the right thing in affirming that a solid conservative should be running with Tudor Dixon against the mess that is the Whitmer administration. This is the start of an effort to challenge the failures of the last four years and build a strong campaign for how the future four.

This means that candidates must have strong character. Their heritage and skin colour are not deciding factors. The Michigan Republicans have done that, and in doing so, have honored Dr. King’s dream in a way Michigan Democrats have yet to.

We can all hope that one day the Party of Joe Biden will be there.

Can’t we?

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