Michelle Obama Worries About ‘Womxn’ With Roe v Wade Under Threat – Opinion

Faced with the possibility of repealing the abortion law Roe v. Wade, former First Lady Michelle Obama is apparently worried about the rights of “womxn.” If you’re not quite sure what womxn means, you’re not alone. This is what I found.

I also wonder why she’s leaving out women, wombyx and womyn; why aren’t they worthy of her consideration? It’s not clear. It’s not clear.

Here’s a quick primer for those who are not well-informed, including you. The first three definitions come from Dictionary.com because Merriam Webster returns the old “not found” when you search for these terms.

  • FemaleAn adult woman. (You would never have known! It appears that Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, Supreme Court Judge, is not the latest.)
  • Womxn: a woman (used, especially in intersectional feminism, as an alternative spelling to avoid the suggestion of sexism perceived in the sequences m-a-n and m-e-n, and to be inclusive of trans and nonbinary women).
  • Womyn:A woman is a feminine form of the word “female” that is used primarily in feminist writing to avoid any suggestion of sexism in sequences m-a-n And m-e-n).
  • WombynThis is used sometimes to differentiate between a cisgender female and transgender women or men. (This definition is courtesy of Wiktionary.org because neither Dictionary.com nor Webster includes it.)

Well, I’m glad we cleared that up! I’m as confused as ever, but hopefully, you’re not. Click here to read a history and primer on the differences between womxn and women.

It seems that colleges have also joined the party.

Regarding Mrs. Obama’s tweet, she also delivers one of the greatest self-owns we’ve seen in a while:

It is understandable that you may question whether your vote counts. However, state legislators will decide whether abortion in your area is legal and safe.

Yes, exactly! It means that, if Roe v. WadeAbortion is illegal, and the case has been thrown out. It is not suddenly illegal in the United States—instead, the matter goes back to the voters and their elected leaders. It should have been that way all along.

She finishes up by reminding everyone to vote: “So when you get home from marching, check your voter registration status with @WhenWeAllVote and encourage others to do the same…”

In other words, stop abusing the Supreme Court Justices at their homes and instead, win the matter where it should be won—at the ballot box.

Let’s circle back to “womxn,” though. With pronouns meaningless and the introduction of many new terms, it has been a constant campaign of the left to redefine words. Take “Latinx,” the term for Hispanics that they’ve been foisting. Last year, a CNN poll found that only 2% of respondents thought this. Four percent of LatinosYou may prefer this term. No matter, say the progressives—we’ll just come up with a new one! Raise your hand if you’ve heard of “Latine.” Sure to catch on, until it doesn’t and they have to change it to something else.

The attempt to modify our language causes confusion and division, which frankly makes everyone look foolish. To see a Democratic luminary of Michelle Obama’s stature throwing out these woke virtue-signaling terms with no explanation diminishes her.

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