Michael Avenatti Puts His 2024 Presidential Campaign on Hold As He’s Found Guilty of Defrauding Stormy Daniels of $300,000 – Opinion

Trump fraudster Michael Avenatti was just found guilty by federal courts in Manhattan of wire fraud, as well as aggravated theft of identity in his scheme to swindle porn actress Stormy Daniels and take $300,000.

Avenatti was released from bond after appealing a sentence of 30 months for his involvement in an extortion scheme to get $25 million from Nike.

It looked like Avenatti was going to be mistrialled for a time last night as eleven members of the jury complained about one juror refusing even to look at the evidence. This problem seems to be over.

A man once hailed by Tater as a political talent-spotter with the potential to become president, has fallen hard. Federal court will bring him to trial on 10 wire fraud counts for the alleged embezzlement of nearly $10 Million in settlement proceeds. He was accused of five client clients. He has been charged in California with tax, bank, and bankruptcy fraud.

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