Avenatti Humiliated After His ‘Pathetic’ Private Message to Female Conservative Gets Revealed

Michael Avenatti’s fall from grace continued as the beleaguered attorney, who once counted adult film actress Stormy Daniels as a client, was humiliated on social media on Wednesday.

A testy back-and-forth on Twitter between Avenatti and The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway prompted Hemingway’s colleague, Erielle Davidson, to weigh in with a shot at the man conservatives have dubbed the “creepy porn lawyer.”

“Dude you’re so irrelevant,” Davidson tweeted in reply to Avenatti, who was needling Hemingway, accusing her of misrepresenting the success of her latest book, “Justice on Trial.”

Avenatti did not take the jab lying down, venting his frustration by sending Davidson a private message – which she promptly screenshotted and exposed to the world.

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“Says the moron with less than 100k followers! Check the scoreboard genius. I have 7 times that number. And I’m irrelevant? That makes you a nobody,” read the screenshotted message from Avenatti.

Several incredulous commenters questioned the authenticity of the DM, finding it hard to believe Avenatti could be so lacking in self-awareness. But Davidson confirmed that the message, which so many Twitter users found fantastically cringe-worthy, was “real.”

The revelation opened Avenatti up to widespread mockery, especially from conservative pundits.

“Tell him he has more indictments than you too,” quipped conservative commentator Stephen Miller, referencing Avenatti’s recent legal woes.

Eventually, Avenatti swooped in to defend himself.

“Don’t call someone that has 7x the reach that you do ‘irrelevant.’ Especially when no one even knows who you are. It makes you look childish and moronic. That’s my point,” he tweeted in a reply to Davidson.

The general tenor among conservatives was summed up by Twitter watchdog Twitchy, who characterized the Avenatti DM as the “MOST PATHETIC thing you’ll read today.”

“Feel bad for him,” Davidson said of Avenatti in a followup tweet.

The fall of Michael Avenatti

Before becoming the butt of conservative jokes, Avenatti was a media darling who was gifted $175 million in earned media time from CNN and MSNBC.

But earlier this year, the wheels began to fall off.

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In April, Avenatti was indicted for allegedly embezzling money from a disabled client. Federal prosecutors in New York announced in May that they were charging Avenatti for allegedly ripping off porn star Stormy Daniels and for allegedly trying to extort Nike.

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