Avenatti Unleashes Pent-Up Rage on Alyssa Milano – It’s Been Building for 7 Months

Michael Avenatti unleashed his pent-up rage at fellow celebrity activist Alyssa Milano for denouncing him last year, calling her a “disgusting hypocrite” in a tweet Monday. 

Avenatti, an embattled former attorney to porn star Stormy Daniels, was responding to a November 2018 tweet from the feminist actress. She had declared she was “disavowing Avenatti” following his arrest for felony domestic violence.

“Totally disgusting. And before anyone asks me, yes, I’m disavowing Avenatti. I do not care what side he’s on. #Basta,” Milano, a #MeToo movement stalwart, tweeted at the time.

Seven months later, the hurt was apparently still fresh for Avenatti. Echoing Milano’s suggestion that some things are bigger than anti-Trump politics, he accused her of Trumpian disrespect for due process and demanded an apology.

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“. – you preach about Trump’s need to follow the constitution but then ignore it yourself. You are a disgusting hypocrite. I don’t care what side you are on,” he said. “Where the hell is my apology for you proclaiming my guilt for something I was never even charged with?”

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office announced in February that it would not prosecute Avenatti on domestic abuse allegations. Avenatti’s dig at Milano was apparently prompted by his being “formally cleared last week for the third time,” as he explained in a reply to another Twitter user.

“Why is this so difficult to get right? 1) In Nov, I was informed that there would be NO FELONY CHARGES relating to the bogus, fabricated DV claims, 2) In Feb, I was told NO MISDEMEANOR CHARGES but there would be a hearing in June, 3) Last week, I was informed NO CHARGES PERIOD,” Avenatti said in another tweet Monday.

A number of liberal commenters expressed consternation at the Milano-Avenatti feud, which they worried could hurt the cause.

“We need to stick together, not attack like minded Americans. Too many tRumps out there…,” advised one Twitter user.

“Oh dear – is this is what our world has become? You both need to hit the reset button!” said another.

Meanwhile, Fox News host Tucker Carlson gleefully covered the internecine drama on his show Monday, prompting another angry outburst from Avenatti.

The rise and fall of Michael Avenatti

Avenatti’s tiff with Milano was just the latest reminder of the former media darling’s fall from grace. Avenatti burst onto the scene last year and became a near-overnight liberal sensation by promising to expose Trump’s alleged cover up of an alleged affair with his client and myriad other supposed wrongdoings.

An analysis by The Washington Free Beacon last May found that MSNBC and CNN had given Avenatti $175 million in free media publicity. In one 64-day period last year, from March 7 to May 10, he appeared on the two cable networks 108 times, according to the Beacon.

In May 2018, fans in West Hollywood loudly cheered Avenatti during a “Stormy Daniels Day” ceremony meant to honor his client.

Avenatti’s popularity among liberals was high enough to earn his inclusion in a viral progressive sex fantasy.

But his golden-boy sheen soon dulled. This March, Avenatti was charged with wire and bank fraud for allegedly attempting to extort $20 million from Nike. Last month, federal prosecutors in New York announced they were charging Avenatti for allegedly ripping off Daniels. And just last week, a paraplegic former client filed a lawsuit against the embattled attorney claiming Avenatti siphoned off nearly $4 million of a civil court settlement.

Conservatives have mercilessly celebrated Avenatti’s decline, as well as the media’s former love affair with the alleged con man.


In May, Avenatti reflected on his reduced circumstances during an interview with Vanity Fair.

“Some would argue at this point that I flew too close to the sun. As I sit here today, yes, absolutely, I know I did. No question. Icarus,” he told the outlet.

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