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Seems to me that until a better example comes along — shortly, I’m sure — if you look up “irony” in the dictionary, the above headline will be the first example you see. Yep, as Biden’s border crisis continues unabated, with tens of thousands of non-English-speaking illegals streaming across the Southern border daily, residents of Mexico City are ticked off by the influx of English-speaking AmericansIn Mexico.

As reported by The Los Angeles Times on Wednesday in an article that rivals the best travel brochures, Mexico has long been the top foreign travel destination for Americans, “its bountiful beaches and picturesque pueblos luring tens of millions of U.S. visitors annually.” But in recent years, an influx of Californians, along with Americans from across the country, have flooded Mexico City, the nation’s capital, and left “a scent of new-wave imperialism.”

And, English? You already know that English is a foreign languageMexico has the largest population. don’t speak a lick of it? Locals have become increasingly “fed up” with the growing number of Americans moving to the country, which has contributed to a rise in rent and a shift from Spanish to English in some places, with flyers popping up around the city — in English:

You are new to the city? Are you working remotely? You’re a f—ing plague and the locals f—ing hate you. Leave.

This is the irony.

While the Times report insisted that the “vast majority” of Mexico City residents are “unwaveringly kind” to visitors, there remains a “friction beneath the surface” of what gentrification — An influx of wealthy or middle-class people into a poor community to renovate, rebuild and remodel homes and businesses. This can often lead to an increase of property values in the area and sometimes displacement of older residents. — means to the area.

Hugo Van der Merwe is a thirty-one year-old who was born in Florida and Namibia and now works remotely from Mexico City.

There’s a distinction between people who want to learn about the place they are in and those who just like it because it’s cheap. I’ve met a number of people who don’t really care that they’re in Mexico, they just care that it’s cheap.

Financial incentives abound.

Mexico City’s average salary is approximately $450 per month. A penthouse in Mexico City can be rented for $2,000 and is located in Koreatown.

According to the Times,1.2 million foreign visitors arrived at Mexico City’s airport during the first four months of 2022. Alexandra Demou is the head of the relocation firm. Mexico Welcome, said people are “flooding in.”

We’re just seeing Americans flooding in. It’s people who maybe have their own business, or maybe they’re thinking of starting some consulting or freelance work. They don’t even know how long they’re going to stay. They’re completely picking up their entire lives and just moving down here.

The State Department estimates that there are approximately 1.6 million Americans in Mexico. Many of these immigrants arrived in Mexico during the COVID epidemic. However, it’s not known how many are living in Mexico City. Mexican census data track only foreigners who have applied for residency, and most remote workers don’t, according to the Times.

Is it any wonder Americans are fleeing Biden’s America?

Let’s get to the bottom of it:

Mexico is just an easy hop, skip, or a jump from Biden Energy Crisis (Bidenomics) and Bidenflation. You can also add, for instance, California’s out-of-control train prices and any other left-wing concerns about the no longer-Golden State. It is not unreasonable to understand why the adventurous among us, overburdened by costly Democrat policies, might very well just say “The hell with it,” and leave the country — permanently or perhaps until Or,America is insanity again

Yet, irony still runs deep. Biden has installed one-way northbound people movers along the Southern Border. He also hired welcoming mariachi band. Meanwhile, untold numbers of Americans are fleeing Biden’s America, many of them to Mexico.

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