Merrick Garland Strangely Silent After Indiana School Board Member Tries to Attack Parent at Meeting – Opinion

We’ve been informed by the National School Boards Association that concerned parents flooding school board meetings all over the country to object to the implementation of Critical Race Theory, gender identity politics dogma, and mask mandates in public school classrooms present “domestic terror” “threats” in certain instances to local school officials, which the group says merits a stepping in of the Feds for closer monitoring and investigation.

Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland has indicated that he agrees with the sentiment expressed by the NSBA, and issued a memo earlier this month that directed the FBI to, in concert with each U.S. Attorney, “convene meetings with federal, state, [and] local” officials “within 30 days of the issuance” of the memo in order to “facilitate the discussion of strategies for addressing threats against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff, and will open dedicated lines of communication for threat reporting, assessment, and response.”

It is with that in mind that we turn to a disturbing incident that took place in Indiana earlier this week that we haven’t heard much about for some reason. WTHR Indianapolis reports that Jason Greer was almost attacked by Alan Troxell, an assistant secretary on the school board in Shenandoah. Greer was protesting mask mandates for children.

Prior to the attempted attack, where Troxell had to be physically restrained (as you’ll see in the video clip), Greer referred to him as an “idiot”:

13News received a video in which Greer calls Troxell an idiot. Troxell, who is now standing behind rows of tables in his chair, turns toward Greer.

“What? What’d you say? Did you call me an idiot?” Troxell yells toward Greer, who remains seated.

Troxell was stopped by a school resource officer.

“I’m tired of that stupid bastard,” Troxell says in the video.

Greer is seen appearing to leave the room after Greer points towards the officer.

Let me clarify that Greer was not as stated in the below tweet. It is not “physically attacked” – but that was only because the resource officer intervened. Take a look at this:

According to WTHR, Greer’s presentation didn’t convince the school board, which voted to extend their mask mandate into January of next year. The superintendent for the school system also told the news outlet that Troxell said he was “sorry” for his outburst and attempted attack, which wasn’t enough for Greer, who has called for him to step down, claiming he has shown similarly hostile behavior at other meetings.

The event was over four days later ActualMerrick Garland was strangely silent when a school board member attempted to attack a parent. Perhaps that’s because these parents don’t have teacher/education unions or fancy coordinated national organizations that support Democrats with which he can collude, as it appears he and/or other members of the Biden administration with the NSBA.

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