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Wake Forest University School of Medicine student decided in March to commit intentional battery and medical malpractice. The patient wasn’t a murderer, rapist, or Hitler. Nope, the patient just made the error of making light fun of the resident’s name tag that had her pronouns on it.

Kychelle de Rosario (4th year med.) deleted the tweet. school student.

Did she/he get punished? Nope. Wake Forest did a review that consisted of: “did you intend to commit a crime?” and weirdly the resident denied she did it on purpose. Her fellow cultists were kind enough to praise her. According to Daily Mail, she was a San Francisco student who wrote this in her school paper.

“‘Twitter users were quick to condemn Rosario for purportedly violating the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm and ”assaulting” a patient over ”[differences] in political beliefs”, while failing to offer any substantive or nuanced criticism of the bigotry expressed by her patient.”

Committing the sin of mocking pronouns is on par with committing a crime, apparently — at least to cultists. Maybe she left medical school for more leftist propaganda.

Mocking snowflakes for being silly is the worst thing they can do. However, most woke people have no power to harm others. This might be changing as new medical schools demand piety from the new cult.

Prior to 2022, there was an effort to make medical schools expensive sociology schools. The effort to promote equity and inclusion in medical education was being made ad-hoc. Nothing grips the mind like informing medical students that systemic racism is to blame for obesity and other medical conditions inherent with a person’s personal and unhealthy choices.

When George Floyd died, a man who was addicted to fatally high doses of illicit drugs, it became clear that everyone wanted racism. The strike broke out at medical schools. Students left their classrooms and headed to “church” — outdoors, wearing masks and kneeling with “Black Lives Matter” signs. It’s quickly becoming a traditional denomination for the left: Photos of medical students kneeling and heads bowed for protesting too much whiteness in white coats.

Now, there is a concerted effort to take up the time of medical students with religious indoctrination – a catechism of systemic racism, anti-racism, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Association of American Medical Colleges released their official Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), Competencies to medical students. This allows them to make commitments to practicing medicine and to memorizing. It is no longer enough to be a great doctor. Before a resident doctor can practice their profession, a student must also be card-carrying, full members of a cult.

Among the most important parts of being a good doctor, one must develop the “skills of inclusion and diversity.” The student must be an “ally” of the marginalized. Before a student of medicine is allowed to graduate, they must describe (presumably to those who will grade them in some sort of Star Chamber setting), the impactful nature of “systemic oppression” in healthcare. They must show sufficient proficiency in the fine art of recognizing  “white supremacy, acculturation and assimilation.” And “colonization of healthcare” will be at the forefront.

There is little doubt that if the student, regardless of competency in medicine, doesn’t bend the knee and answer all questions with sufficient piety, their careers are doomed. Once a student graduates from medical school, they go through a process call “Matching.” “Match Day” is an important step for medical school graduates and assuming a student answered all of the above items with less-than perfect enthusiasm, the chances of him or her getting a matching (preferred) residency will be–likely–zero.

Medical residents must have a deep understanding of power, white privilege, and oppression policies. And yes, medical curricula will soon find disdain for things like “individualism, objectivity,” and a “sense of urgency.” Being a part of the “white supremacy culture” is out, like bleeding a patient with leeches. A patient better not micro-aggress; they might get micro-poked with a needle by a doctor with pronouns on a “they/them” name tag.

And I don’t know that a “sense of urgency” is a problem for modern medicine. Have you been to a doctor’s office lately?

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