Media Bury the ‘Bribable Situation’ Hunter Biden Put Himself in With ‘WeedSlut420′

With war raging in Europe and Joe Biden’s domestic standing crumbling under inflation and gas woes, there’s one debacle the networks are determined to protect the President from: His son. As a WeedSlut420 lingerie designer testified in front of a grand jury, Hunter Biden’s tax fraud probe became even more dangerous. 

But ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN all ignored this story. It covered the same topics that media outlets typically care about: sex. Fox News, however, did the job the corrupt media won’t.

Speaking of Zoe Kestan, contributor Raymond Arroyo explained, “Watching the grand jury, the string of ex-paramours going to the grand jury… it looks like an episode of Maury Povich…. This woman who is pictured here is a lingerie designer who goes by, her name online is Weedslut420.”’s Houston Keen and Cameron Cawthorne explained: 

Hunter’s ex-girlfriend Zoe Kestan was a lingerie entrepreneur and testified for the grand jury in Delaware five hours each on Tuesday. New York Post reported. According to reports, Kestan told the grand jury about Hunter’s extravagant spending habits in luxury hotels in New York City and California. 

Kestan (now 28) spent almost five hours secretly testingifying in front of a Wilmington grand jury as part of Hunter’s tax probe. She revealed that Hunter would tell her to withdraw thousands of dollars at once from ATMs, and she would then give her plenty of cash for meals or clothing. 

According to a source, PostOne of the questions was about Kestan’s knowledge regarding Hunter’s source of money. Kestan reportedly did not know.

Where DidWhere does the money come from? This is a legitimate question that journalists at ABC, CBS and NBC need to ask. This article has more details. New York PostThis is a story. 

Arroyo explained that he was connecting it with his father as President. 

It is a question of “Was it?” [Hunter] use his name to gain influence abroad and to gather money for not only himself but the rest of the… Biden family, rather. He, as well as the President will be affected by that laptop. 

Anchor Harris Faulkner concluded, “Where we are with China and Russians now the connections he may have given access to anybody. I mean, he put himself into bribable situations based on his behavior.” 

In January, the networks ignored the last bombshell: Hunter Biden’s investment connections with communist China. For the younger Biden, networks permitted only 308 seconds on morning and evening newscasts. 

Hunter Biden is being protected by the liberal media. The walls of scandals and controversy seem to be crumbling. 

Below is a transcript from Fox News’ February 22, 2002 segment. Click “expand” to read more. 

Faulkner Focus
11:00 AM ET

Hunter Biden’s ex boyfriend, Harriet Faulkner, reveals it all to grand juries The ex-girlfriend claims she was ordered to withdraw thousands of dollars using an ATM. They also partied in luxurious hotels all over the country while Hunter Biden was struggling with a drug addiction. The New York Post reports that her five hour testimony was prompted by a federal probe into Hunter Biden’s tax fraud. The president’s son is being pushed hard by them now. They are finding out. 

RAYMOND ARROYO, Fox News Contributor: The Fox News team is investigating his China business deals. It is not known if he has paid any taxes. Rosemount Seneca is a very dubious consulting company that Harris used for many outreaches. Harris is the only one who can see the grand jury, the group of ex-paramours. It’s like a Maury Povich episode. I mean, you’ve got — This woman who is pictured here is a lingerie designer who goes by, her name online is Weedslut420. 

FAULKNER: Ah boy. 

ARROYO : After his relationship with the stripper, he was faced with a paternity suit. This was all while he was still dating the widower of his deceased brother. Hunter Biden is, unfortunately, a broken soul. He clearly drank heavily. It begs the question: did Hunter Biden use his name for influence overseas and to raise money not just for himself, but also for the Hunter family as a whole?  It was the Biden family. This laptop will be a curse for not just him, but also the President. We’ll see. 

FAULKNER: We are now with China and Russia. He may have provided access to anyone through the connections that he made. Based on his behaviour, he was willing to take part in bribable circumstances. 

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