20-Year-Old Man Arrested for Using ‘McLovin’ ID to Get Into Bar

An Iowa man was arrested for allegedly using a fake ID that identified him as “McLovin” to gain entry to a bar.

“McLovin” is also the name on a fake ID used by Fogell, a character in the raunchy late 2000s teen comedy, “Superbad.”

In the film, Fogell uses the fake to purchase alcohol.

Daniel Alfredo Burleson, 20, was arrested Friday at an Iowa City bar after police say they spotted him holding an alcoholic drink, Fox 11 reported.

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Burleson admitted to drinking a vodka-infused beverage after being confronted by an officer.


According to a complaint affidavit, Burleson only provided his ID once he was taken outside by the officer.

The ID he showed the officer indicated Burleson was under the legal drinking age.

Officers, apparently suspicious of how Burleson had gotten into the bar, asked him to hand over his fake.

As Burleson shuffled through his wallet, authorities spotted a fake Hawaii ID card with the name “McLovin” and a birthdate of June 3, 1981, the affidavit said.

Burleson told police he got the ID from Amazon.

According to the complaint, Burleson “smelled strongly of ingested alcohol and had slurred speech and bloodshot watery eyes” and was wearing a wristband from the bar.

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Authorities booked Burleson for suspicion of possession of a fictitious license, unlawfully possessing alcohol, public intoxication and being under the legal age in a bar, Fox 11 reported.

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