Man Gets Drunk to Build Up Courage to Turn Himself In – Learns There’s No Warrant for His Arrest

A Texas man downed seven Budweiser beers to steady his nerves before turning himself into police – only to discover that there was no warrant out for his arrest.

Parker County police say Billy Bob Hall, 59, told them he had to “drink to build up the courage to turn himself in,” CBS Dallas Fort-Worth reported.

Hall was operating under the assumption that there was a warrant out for his arrest for a violation of his arrest.

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When he surrendered himself to authorities at the Parker County jail, however, he was in for a surprise.

Deputies found there was no current warrant out for Hall’s arrest. CBS Dallas Fort-Worth reported that they were willing to let him go.

But according to an arrest report, Deputy R. Chavez noticed a strong smell of alcohol coming from Hall. It was determined that he was too intoxicated to be released and posed a potential danger to others.

Hall is currently in the Parker County jail, according to CBS Dallas Fort-Worth.

Billy Bob Hall isn’t the only man to get himself busted with authorities in unorthodox fashion

Hall’s case echoes that of Breanna Dawn Hernandez, a Utah woman who in August called police to report a drunk driver: herself.

According to a probable cause statement, Hernandez said she was following a drunk driver. But the description she gave a dispatcher for the alleged perpetrator matched her own. She also described her own vehicle as the one driven by the drunk driver she claimed to be tailing.

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Hernandez fled when she saw the officers that arrived on the scene. Police eventually caught up to and restrained Hernandez, who smelled of alcohol, according to court documents. A nearly empty bottle of Fireball whiskey was found in the car’s cup holder, ABC4 News reported.

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