Masters Name is ‘No Coincidence!’ Unhinged Olbermann Says Boycott Augusta

Keith Olbermann could be proud of his efforts to be serious and dignified by standing on the corner and shrieking about insects if he wet himself and put mud in it. As it is, he’s just a bat-s*** crazy attention whore.

Ex-ESPN, MSNBC, Current TV etc. The Masters Tournament is the subject of a fervent protest. Olbermann is demanding a boycott of the tournament because it’s in Georgia, and he’s still clinging to ginned up lefty outrage about Georgia’s voting integrity laws (The “Georgia Apartheid voting laws” in Blowhardmann Speak.)

Olbermann tweeted out a video of himself, probably pantsless, on his Manhattan balcony bloviating about “Confederate Georgia.” He praised MLB for pulling its 2021 All Star Game from Atlanta, and said boycotting The Masters is “the next opportunity to do the right thing.” 

Oh, he’s realistic enough to know they won’t move the masters from Augusta National, which Olbermann helpfully notes “was segregated there until 1990.” And he asserted without evidence, that “the double meaning in a former slave state of ‘Masters’ is also no coincidence.” I wonder if Keith’s zillion-dollar NYC pad has a “master bedroom …”

No, the Masters isn’t going anywhere, but “The PGA Tour should declare that the Masters is not an official event, and will not be recognized as a major tournament, and ESPN and CBS should not televise it.”

In fact, Field Marshall Olbermann called for “economic war” on the state of Georgia “because Georgia is where the forces of Fascism have chosen to start this fight.” He can see them from apartment. And “These monsters cannot be appeased, they must be broken.”

You can also watch the 2022 Masters live on ESPN, CBS and Fox Saturday and Sunday. A variety of Masters apps allow you to keep track of your favourite players.

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