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House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has been such a lightning rod since entering Congress last year that Zeus can’t keep up with the demand for bolts to throw. Some adore her; some believe she’s the poster child for loose cannons everywhere. Perhaps, but just maybe, her truth is somewhere in between placing her on a pedestal or calling for the padded wagon.

Illustration Twitter thread she posted the other day.

This is the complete thread

The President Butter Beans Twitter staffer:

To decrease utility bills, we must build more nuclear plants, increase clean coal for energy, drill for US oil & gas, and stop the Green New Deal.

You don’t see our enemies worshipping your climate gods.

We can cut the middleman out of prescription drug prices and see a dramatic drop in cost.

Obamacare needs to be repealed. Healthcare industry should be re-opened for real competition.

Important medications must be made in the USA and not imported from China.

For inflation to drop, Congress needs to stop spending trillions of dollars on people staying home without going to work. It must also stop bailing out huge corporations and never again shutting down private businesses.

Do not print money or flood the economy.

Stop making the American people slaves to China and Japan through our debt.

End all aid to foreign countries and stop funding wars or regime changes.

You stupid idea of using $10 billion to vacinate the entire world in order to increase profits for big pharma is not a good idea.

Stop wasting a fortune of American’s hard earned tax dollars on twisted ideology like gender studies in Pakistan.

How about we stop financing biolabs to create bio weapons?

Stop giving grant money to politician’s kids and friends for their businesses like Metabiota.

While we are at it, we should shrink the size of the federal government that is really the problem in the American people’s lives.

Reduce useless agencies like ATF and BOE. Also, fire lazy employees at gov who are content to stay in bed all day because of the Covid fraud.

You can make some change and charge foreign countries for military presence. This will keep them safe, but also allows them to avoid having to pay a lot of money to support their military.

As Germany.

Seems Germany’s government (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) funds attacking our citizens like @libsoftiktok. (Rep. Greene linked to a story about the matter; this is a link to Sister Toldjah’s story.)

So, why is it that the US taxes payers are paying for their military base to defend them?

@libsoftiktokContribute to taxes

We could just take our troops home, and then place them at the southern border of our country to stop this illegal invasion you Democrats encourage.

The drain on American taxpayers to pay for illegals entering our country is shocking!

These are just a few suggestions to get you started.

Let’s look at some of these points.

Strangely, President Biden is in agreement with Rep. Greene on one point. He has now seen the light and backed nuclear power stations. However, Rep. Greene points out his Administration’s duplicity in doing so while simultaneously strangling U.S. energy independence through such measures as canceling the Keystone XL pipeline plus placing onerous restrictions on domestic fracking and oil/energy exploration. This has resulted in the nation being left with a staggering increase in fuel prices and an inflation that is largely due to rising energy costs. This economic fallacy rapidly blossoming into a national calamity is so easily diagnosed even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can figure it out … um, maybe. One supposedly mad Georgian representative, however, can summarize in a concise manner what the whole Administration is incapable of understanding. These people would not hesitate to embarrassment if they could.

While some might find Rep. Greene’s declaration to end all foreign aid overly draconian, common sense dictates she is not stating the United States should discontinue humanitarian assistance when needed. The froufrou nonsense, which she lists, including gender studies in Pakistan is what needs to be eliminated. It is impossible to export American exceptionalism. It is impossible to transfer our culture and society elsewhere. This is what the world needs to do.

Democrats, who are determined to retain and grow their power base through making the majority of the population dependent upon the government’s dime, hate cutting down government spending. But, where and when will Republicans stand firm against the continuation of resolutions? Instead, they demand a yearly budget. When will the President have line-item veto authority over the federal annual budget? With Congressional overrides, such vetos are an option.

Rep. Greene is in favor of bringing American soldiers home and telling our allies to contribute for their protection from bad guys. Active protection for our southern borders against illegal entry is what she proposes. Notice that she does not condemn legal immigration. Legal immigration is allowed to those who want to live in America. Illegal immigration is rampant and putting a strain on the national resources and lawlessness.

This is a reminder that Rep. Greene faces the absurdest legal challenge in order to remove her from the district’s ballot. This is modern liberalism’s way. Because it is tired of the lie that makes failure look like success, it won’t engage in discussions on platforms, philosophies and policies. Alinsky is instead embraced by the organization, which relentlessly abuses individuals. Rep. Greene does not want to be stopped.

The standard cliché about Marjorie Taylor Greene is that she is both dumb and bonkers. While she can and does produce enough “She said what?” moments to make the more mellow among us wary, she’s neither stupid nor crazy. Maybe she is crazy as a fox. A wise and intelligent one, perhaps?

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