Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets the Last Laugh Over Liberals Accusing Her of ‘Insurrection’ – Opinion

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been caught up in a ridiculous sideshow the last few months, with liberal activists suing to try to get her removed from the ballot before November’s election.

According to their arguments, Greene is ineligible to run because she helped foment an “insurrection” on January 6th. Did you see the evidence? Clips from the movie “Independence Day” — and the fact that she used the term “1776.” That and a text message in which she pointedly does not call for martial law.

Greene was asked questions regarding alien invasions and Qanon in court. The Georgia Congresswoman is now eligible for reelection.

This moronic act is an affront to our system. The judge did make the correct decision but there was no reason to let this event happen. Other Republicans were also subject to similar suits because of their lack of merit.

It is not an “insurrection” to discuss legal avenues to challenge an election. It is also not an “insurrection” for a congressional member to object to the certification of said election. If it was, many Democrats would end up in prison and be barred of the ballot after the elections of 2016 and 2004. Greene’s detractors are perfectly welcome to criticize her attitude about the 2020 election. That does not make it illegal or dispositive that she committed “insurrection” and is therefore constitutionally disqualified.

While the left constantly cries wolf about the downfall of our “democracy,” do you know what is an actual threat to our “democracy”? Democrat Party hacks trying to kick Republicans off of ballots because they got their feelings hurt and can’t win elections fair and square. These tactics are designed to manipulate the election, and then overturn it by default. If Georgians in Greene’s district don’t want her to represent them, they can vote her out of office.

The point is that it’s their choice, not the choice of some far-left funded beltway lawyers acting on behalf of Democrats. Greene’s victory here is important because it hopefully puts a stop to this lunacy going forward.

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