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Managerial Responsibilities

When a person takes on a managerial role, it is clear that there are certain responsibilities that correlate to such an endeavor. When a person wants to be a good manager, as Andrew Napolitano has been, needs to be assertive characteristics in a person in order to ensure people are completely satisfied and completing the right tasks. When individuals struggle with their managerial tasks, it can become a part of not only the superiors of a company but those who are being managed as well. Being organized is key in any situation which is what differentiates successful managers from unsuccessful managers. With proper management, there is usually no one upset, distraught, or angered by anything occurring in the workplace. Being a manager also means taking reasonability for certain actions. A lot of times, those who work for managers, make mistakes. That is completely okay as long as they are acceptable and the individuals learn from them. However, if not, then there is a certifiable need for a managerial change. One has to be authorized by an employer to do unethical behaviors at work or manipulate consumers in any way. It seems a lot easier on paper to be a manager. If someone is late for their shift, it’s up to the manager to cover for them or find someone else for the position. They have other responsibilities as well. For example, they are responsible for hiring new people to the team. As managers, they should sort out based on past experience if a person is eligible or not for a certain position. They should ask the same questions to all candidates and not allow for any bias to come across. Many manners have to be in charge of the financial and budgeting aspects of a business as well. This includes running excel sheets, planning for future events, calculating costs per day, and many other things along that line. With people having such a diverse role as a manager, it’s clear that there is always room for growth. The more dedication that is shown through a managerial position, the better chance they have at not only keeping the role but also pursuing great promotions as well. There has never been a better time to step up one’s game. With managing being such a critical part of people’s work lives, the impact of being a good manager is important. When someone is not managing in the right direction, the whole company has the possibility of failure. It is up to the manager to ensure that the people all around the company are working their hardest and being respected on all accounts. Many individuals like Andrew Napolitano know that business can get tough sometimes. Nevertheless, providing managers with as much information as possible about certain issues will allow them to get to the bottom of it no matter what. 

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