Crowd Appalled When Man Pulls Out Gun to Defend Himself Against Attackers in Chicago

“This is a serious problem we have to stop it.”

Video emerged Monday of a man drawing a firearm to defend himself against two attackers near Chicago’s “Magnificent Mile.”

Filmed from inside of a McDonald’s, the video shows two males attacking what appears to be a security guard outside of the restaurant. The assailants slam the security guard into the wall of the restaurant and grapple with him as he tries to free himself from the attack.

As the scrum moves out of camera view, one of the attackers attempts to spray the man with what appears to be pepper spray. Suddenly, the attackers are seen running away as the man reappears holding a firearm pointed at his assailants. People inside the McDonald’s can be heard screaming “No!,” seemingly in response to the man pulling out his gun.

As the attackers run off, the pepper spray can be seen rolling on the ground next to the man’s feet as he walks to the edge of the McDonald’s property line with his gun still pointed at the two fleeing teens. After the attackers disappear from view, the man lowers his pistol without firing a shot and moves to retrieve the spray.

McDonald’s did not reply to local outlet CWBChicago‘s request for comment. A spokesman for nearby Loyola University told CWB the armed man was not affiliated with the University’s police department.

Chicago Police say no report was filed in connection with the incident and the man’s identity is still unclear.

Police announced the arrests of 21 people on Saturday afternoon in the Magnificent Mile area where the attack occurred. CWB reported the Chicago police are taking a less-tolerant approach to handling what they call “large group” incidents after more lenient strategies proved disastrous last year.

“This is a serious problem we have to stop it, we have a limited number of tools in our toolbox,” Chicago Alderman Brian Hopkins said of the new strategy to contain mobs. “Arrest is one of the things we can do, so we’re doing it.”

The McDonald’s adjacent attack comes in the wake of weekend gun violence that saw 28 people hurt and three killed across the city.

The gun violence issues in Chicago, which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, reflect national concerns about gun control in the U.S. Proponents of stricter gun laws say the bans could result in safer communities, while opponents point to examples of defensive use of guns as a critical constitutional right.

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