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Man Calmly Lights Cigarette at Bar as Robber Points Gun in His Face: My Wife Does Worse to Me

A man was caught on surveillance camera calmly lighting a cigarette at a bar in St. Louis, Missouri, as an armed robber points a rifle at him. 

The footage, which was recorded just after midnight on Wednesday, shows the robber entering Behrmann’s Tavern with a heavily modified pistol. The bartender and three other men at the bar put their hands in the air and get down on the floor. But not Tony Tovar, who takes another drink and continues scrolling on his phone.

“I said not another punk trying to pull a punk move,” Tovar told local NBC affiliate KDSK. “I’m so tired of people in south city trying to muscle their way in with firearms or bad attitude or some kind of aggression. I wasn’t gonna comply.”

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The gunman then sticks the rifle in Tovar’s ribs and tries to take away his phone. But Tovar pull the device away and places it on the bar top.

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As the robber moves behind the bar, he repeatedly points the gun at Tovar, who proceeds to light up a cigarette.

The bartender, Dustin Krueger, told local KMBZ radio host Dana Wright that just before lighting up, Tovar said, “I’m married to &*%$ ____. Go ahead. Shoot me.
I don’t give a ____.”

The robber next grabs what appears to be a cellphone off the counter behind the bar and comes back around the bar and sticks up a man crouching on the floor next to Tover, forcing him to hand over his wallet. After picking up another item from the floor, he has Krueger open the till, and empties the cash into a bag before apparently exiting.

Notably, the robber declines to again to mess with Tovar, who doesn’t even turn around to watch him leave.

A man who lights a cigarette during a robbery is an internet hero

As the video went viral on Twitter in recent days, Tovar was widely hailed as a badass with “no f—s left to give.”

According to reports, the robber made off with some cash and a few items belonging to customers. No one was injured.

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KDSK reported Friday that police arrested a suspect named Kevin Jerome Moore. He has prior convictions of first-degree assault, first-degree robbery and unlawful possession of a firearm.

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