Lying Netflix CEO: We Don’t Allow ‘Hate’ (But They Do, Against Christians)

Netflix’s CEO is just lying. The streaming platform is under fire by the left for producing Dave Chappelle’s new comedy special in which the comic declares that “gender is a fact.”  Netflix has now suspended an employee who tweeted attacks on her company for backing Chappelle. 

This prompted Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos to issue an e-mail to staff on Monday, declaring, “Several of you have also asked where we draw the line on hate. We don’t allow titles on Netflix that are designed to incite hate or violence, and we don’t believe The NearerCross that line.” 

But that’s simply a lie. Netflix shows encourage hateful acts against Christians regularly, without apology or the same level if uproar. As NewsBusters Culture wrote in 2018, the vile teen comedy series Insatiable featured teen girls “pleading with Jesus and the Holy Spirit to have sex with them is definitely shocking and completely disgusting.” Here’s some of the sick anti-Christian mockery: 

My soul is filled with Jesus, my sweet Jesus. My soul feels deep. Oh, yeah! Spirit, ride me! I beg you to please take me on your horse. My soul is deep and deep. 



Netflix created a new series, “The Next Generation,” in 2020. Cursed The Red Paladins are a group genocidal Christian monks. In 2021 the streamer It featured a gun-loving Jesus who killed and had group sex.The gross video evidence is here: 



Mr. Sarandos, stop lying. Netflix regularly produces anti-Christian hatred and you are aware. 

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