Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears’ Response to Someone Hiding Her Gavel Is the Stuff of Legends – Opinion

Winsome sears, who was last month sworn into the office, has been making her mark as Virginia’s first black female Lieutenant Governor, and Monday was no exception.

The gavel, which normally serves to restore order to the state Senate, was lost or stolen by a fool. Therefore, Lt. Gov. Sears decided to improvise – courtesy of a high-heel shoe.

Sears said the following: “The shoe is legend.”

“One shoe can change your life. Just ask Cinderella,” she stated, according to Washington Post reporter Laura Vozzella, who tweeted out the below image of the now-famous shoe:

While I’m fairly certain that’s the first time a shoe has been used to call a Virginia state legislative body to order, it’s not the first time a female politician has made local and/or national headlines over her shoes.

Back in the summer of 2013, then-State Sen. Wendy Davis (D) caused a lot of swooning and swaying on the left and in the media after she filibustered a pro-life bill for 11 hours wearing hot pinkish/orange Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider tennis shoes, which sparked a surge in sales and Amazon reviews in the aftermath:

Davis and the other State Senate Dems were unable to stop the bill from being passed. The bill banned abortions at late term. Davis lost her attempt to be Governor of Texas, and then a 2020 U.S House election against Rep. Chip Roy. Lots of “losing” there for Davis, which is usually the case when you’re on the side of terminating innocent unborn life.

The left/media also went gaga over the then-Democratic candidate for President Kamala Harris’ frequent wearing of converse shoes on campaign stops, with some even wistfully recalling past stories where Harris wore them instead of high heels so her feet didn’t sink into the ground on rainy days:

Sears’ response to her report on her inventive use of patent leather was to emphasize how important it is to have the ability to adapt to situations when necessary.

“Resourcefulness- never underestimate it!” Sears tweetedMoments ago

Fire and grit shouldn’t be underestimated either, and in addition to resourcefulness, they are also qualities Sears has in abundance. You go, girl.

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