Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Karen Bass Continues to Support DA George Gascon – Opinion

Karen Bass is the Los Angeles mayoral candidate. She continues to back George Gascon, Los Angeles County District Attorney. In spite of the major crime wave in the area, she continues her support for Gascon. She also continued to back him after his policies saw a gangster be released earlier than expected, leading to the death of two El Monte police officers.

Bass’s campaign to be Mayor was launched by Gascon, who sat at the front row. Bass answered the question:

“My focus is going to be on the Mayor’s race…I’m not going to be focused on the recall.”

She then added an intriguing detail that the voters need to question.

“But the recall has to pass the most significant hurdle. It will it ever qualify? We don’t know if that is going to be the case, and I will tell you that it is doubtful from what I’ve talked to people, it is doubtful that the recall will qualify. But if it does, my focus is going to be on the Mayor’s race.”

RedState’s Bob Hoge reported that the Gascon recall campaign collected 715,833 signatures. The recall must be verified by August 17, before it is placed on the November ballot.

Bass’ opponent, billionaire developer and businessman Rick Caruso, supports the recall, but at the beginning of Gascon’s campaign, Caruso supported him. Later, he backed out of the recall and endorsed Jackie Lacey, former DA. He didn’t believe Gascon was the best person to do the job. He was correct.

Caruso will be similar to Mike Bloomberg’s run as Mayor of New York, but I believe Caruso will get much more done than Bloomberg. Los Angeles has exactly what it needs right now.

Karen Bass has been in politics since the 1970s, yet she has failed to deliver for Los Angeles’ citizens. Her role will be that of Eric Garcetti’s female counterpart. One of her first comments was to praise Fidel Castro the murderous dictator. She also traveled to Cuba with Venceremos Brigade in 1973. For half a century, this group organised trips to Cuba each year for leftist young Americans.

Caruso is known for being tough on crime and will benefit if Gascon’s recall vote comes to a halt in November. Caruso wants law and order to be restored, as well as helping the homeless get rehabilitation and mental health care. He also plans to end encampments, return the space to the public and build shelters for homeless people.

The two candidates could not be more opposite. Some days I don’t even recognize my city. Los Angeles must make changes to improve its image and become a dream city again. This starts by recalling Gascon’s name and electing Caruso the Mayor.

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