Liz Warren Gets Roasted in Hilarious Impersonation of Her Bad Faith Crisis Center Attacks – Opinion

Liz Warren is horrible. That’s a given. She’s also a liar and fraud. She also tried to prove that she was a native American. Her claim that she was native-blooded equal to George Custer’s was made with much fanfare. Well, actually, it was death by suicide but she didn’t realize it was until she was told how stupid she looked.

Warren continued on as Democrats do with self-owns and assumed that everyone would forget about her huge fraud. I think most of her fellow Democrats did. Her nicknames remain legend. Pocahontas and Fauxcahontas were her nicknames. Lying Cow was my favourite. She used her fake Indian ancestors to get an Ivy League professorship, then she move into the Senate as its “chief” liar and most vocal “Karen.”

Now, after DobbsShe is now on a bad-faith campaign to denounce pregnancy centers. She is trying to make pregnancy centers look like Scientology black holes, where pregnant women are lured into a cult. She’s said that “We have got to shut them down”.  She’s a despicable liar.

There is, however, a ray for sunshine. An impersonator tomahawks Liz Warren’s mannerisms, foibles, and silly-talk about crisis centers. The impersonator also demonstrates what these centers do. This video is absolutely hilarious. Stay to the end and don’t have a mouth full of coffee, you’ll regret it.




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