Lin Wood Calls Marjorie Taylor Greene…a Communist? – RedState

Lin Wood is the only person to have seen their image suffer more in the past year. After he secured a CNN settlement for Nick Sandmann’s defamation, Lin Wood saw his star rise. This was in relation to the Covington Catholic Travesty. A teenage boy was accused of being racist because he smiled while being bullied by Native American activists and Black Hebrew Israelites.

Wood seems to have jumped into the deep end since then. Wood used the notion of election fraud to increase his visibility during the 2020 election. But instead of sticking with things that could have been investigated and proved, he made wild rants which actually undermined legitimate concerns. Further, he encouraged Republicans not to vote during Georgia’s 2021 special election that saw the GOP narrowly lose the Senate.

He’s apparently not done losing his mind, though. Now, Wood is attacking Marjorie Taylor Greene as…a communist?

It is as dumb as it is simple. Greene would like to impeach Joe Biden. It is a worthwhile pursuit given Greene’s actions in Afghanistan, the way he weaponized government agencies and the fact that he has taken unconstitutional steps in disobeying the Supreme Court. Wood claims that Greene wants to impeach Biden to admit that Biden won. Therefore she’s a communist or something. Honestly, I don’t even know how those things connect.

Biden actually won the presidential election. Biden was declared the winner by the House. He was then sworn into office. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t funny business during the election, but Biden is, to the detriment of the country, the President of the United States. Greene simply operates within the realities of reality. It is foolish and selfish to attack her for this.

Of course, when you take the totality of Wood’s actions over the last year, his attacking of Greene in such a ridiculous way makes more sense. By injecting his absurdity into this discussion, Wood is attempting to subvert election litigations in 2020. Making people vote no in Georgia to give Democrats the Senate. Some twisted logic to insist Biden should not get impeached. Wood’s common trait is his ability to support Democrats. That’s not a coincidence at this point.

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