Lightfoot Shows Rules Don’t Apply to Her While Dropping Hammer on Huge Number of Police – Opinion

Joe Biden was seen not wearing a mask while dining at an exclusive restaurant on Saturday. Then, today, the White House effectively saying “rules for thee” but not for him — that we shouldn’t focus on when he breaks the rules that he wants to apply to everyone else.

But he wasn’t the only Democrat to trip over “rules for thee” this weekend.

Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of Chicago broke both local and state laws when she was unmasked indoors during the WNBA Finals at Chicago’s packed Wintrust Arena. Lightfoot took a selfie with her fans celebrating after winning the home team’s victory.

Her mask was not in compliance with her rules and those of the arena.

Lightfoot was caught in violation of her COVID rules when she got a haircut while such services were closed to everyone last year. Her excuse? She said she’s the “public face of the city” and “I felt like I needed to have a haircut.”

Also, in May she was caught not wearing a face mask in a busy restaurant. She was also encouraging people to use masks in public.

But while Lightfoot is ignoring her own rules and doing what she wishes, she’s coming down hard on the Chicago police who are refusing to get vaccinated and threatening their livelihoods.

Or, police could face unpaid leave if they failed to disclose their vaccination status. The status of a third of officers was not reported by police.

That means about 4500 of the city’s total 12,770 officers couldYou will be on no pay status for the foreseeable future. After that, you may have to face additional discipline and even termination.

In a city that already is rife with crime, that’s likely to be a big problem. But that’s what Lightfoot is now forcing upon the people, while railing against the police. She accused them of fomenting an “insurrection” because of the union’s objections to the mandate.

According to Chicago Tribune, the Department indicated that they may even attempt to pursue people who have chosen to retire and not get vaccinated. This would be an outrageous move.

However, the Fraternal Ord of Police (FOP), is opposing the mandate and telling their members to stay the course.

Last week, FOP President John Catanzara said that if officers were turned away, the city would have a police force “at 50% or less for this weekend coming up.”

He also instructed officers to file for exemptions to receiving vaccines but to not enter that information into the city’s portal, telling the rank-and-file, “I do not believe the city has the authority to mandate that to anybody, let alone that information about your medical history.”

On its website, the FOP provided instructions for officers on what to do when they were given an order by the city portal regarding their vaccination status. It also posted a copy of the letter for officers to sign and give their supervisors.

The document states: “Complying with this INVALID order and the violation of MY Bargaining, Constitutional and Civil Rights has furthermore caused me severe anxiety while challenging both my religious and moral beliefs. I am in fact complying with this because I am being forced to do so under complete duress and threats of termination.”

If Lightfoot goes through with this, she’s going to throw the city into chaos. But she doesn’t care, because it’s all about the exercise of control and they’d rather get rid of anyone who would dare to challenge them, no matter how much it might hurt them or the city.

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