Libs Outraged at All the Attention Notre Dame Fire Is Getting: It’s Racist to Be Upset

“Those colonizers deserve a slap in the face.”

As the Cathedral of Notre Dame burned in Paris on Monday, many Americans expressed sorrow without regard to religion, race, or politics.

However, there was also significant liberal backlash to that sentiment on social media. Commenters accused those who were upset about the blaze of racism – with some calling the iconic cathedral a symbol of colonialism and white supremacy.

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Many were indignant the recent burning of three black churches in Louisiana – allegedly by the white son of a local deputy sheriff – had not received the same amount of attention.

Feminist activist Linda Sarsour used the opportunity to raise funds for the black churches.

A lot of social media users singled out President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for joining other world leaders and people around the world in mourning the damage to Notre Dame.

Similar condemnations were directed at other Republicans.

Some people cried “Eurocentrism,” complaining that not enough attention had been given to the destruction of houses of worship elsewhere in the world. A number of commenters went as far as cheering the Notre Dame fire.

Nobody even died in Notre Dame, others complained – though a firefighter and two police officers were injured during the massive 12-hour effort to extinguish the flames. The spire and much of the roof were also destroyed. 

Quite a few commenters wanted to talk about a small fire that briefly broke out Monday at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Others were mad about the destruction of culture across the Middle East.

Still others pointed indignantly to the Chinese government’s razing of Uighur mosques.

Then, there were the anti-colonialist takes.

A contingent of liberals suggested that the French deserved to lose Notre Dame because of their colonialist past, which started centuries after the medieval cathedral was built.

“Karma is a bitch,” several people gloated.

At least one Twitter user faulted French “white supremacy” for preserving the cathedral in the first place.

For their part, conservatives called out the liberal commentary, suggesting it reflected poorly on the left.

However, some commenters on the right offered ideological takes of their own. Refusing to accept official declarations that the cause of the fire remains unknown, and the operating theory is that it was an accident, they connected the fire to a recent spate of thefts and vandalism at French churches or to attempted Islamist terrorist attacks in the past.

Others blamed Muslims or called for a white uprising.

Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron vowed to rebuild Notre Dame.

“I say to you very solemnly this evening: This cathedral will be rebuilt by us all together,” he said at the site of the fire. “We will rebuild Notre Dame because that is what the French expect, because that is what our history deserves, because it is our destiny.”

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