Liberals Freak out Over Being Called ‘Groomers’ – Opinion

After months of asserting that Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law is actually a “Don’t Say Gay” law, liberals have decided they are really offended at the pushback they’ve received.

Many have responded to the question “Why is the Left so obsessed with teaching sexuality to children?” As I said in a past piece, I don’t want to call those lying about the Parental Rights in Education law “groomers,” but what else am I supposed to think at this point?

(see LEAKED – Meeting of Disney Leadership Exposes Insanely Woke agenda Targeted Directly to Children

Do you know what I’ve never thought about doing? Injecting sexuality into children’s programming in order to reinforce my adult views on the topic. I’ve never thought about that because I’m not a groomer, and I don’t use that word lightly, but really, what else would you call this? “Adding queerness” into shows that small kids watch is the kind of activism that should shock and appall everyone. It is wrong to use children as pawns in adult sexual ideology. However, Disney employees such as Latoya Raveneau have become addicted to the practice.

Remember, it is the left that has spent the last several months telling blatant lies about the bill, which never even mentions the word “gay” in it. It is the left who has accused Ron DeSantis of killing small children because a teacher can’t teach them about being pansexual. The left has promoted the sexualization and abuse of children by using cultural power.

But saying those who propagate that kind of behavior are supporting “grooming” is a bridge too far? Evidently, so. went outThe past week.

It is an exaggeration to say I am so rich in pearl-clutching. For the past five years, liberals have called Republicans Nazis. They’ve claimed that Republicans are destroying democracy simply by winning elections. The left is the party that has raised political rhetoric to the highest levels.

Yet, now that the right has stumbled upon a very apt counter to the “Don’t Say Gay” smear, we are supposed to disengage because it’s “indecent and dangerous” to call the sexualization and indoctrination of children into harmful ideologies grooming? That’s just way too convenient, and it’s not a call most Republicans are going to heed.

Megan Basham wrote Tuesday an excellent post which perfectly sums up my views.

The right didn’t ask for this war. Instead, this is a self-defense conflict that has been ongoing for years. And that’s what truly drives the left insane — they hate it when we fight back.

So no, we aren’t going to stop using the term groomer because it is not only highly effective in exposing their depravity, but it is accurate. Grooming doesn’t just refer to physical abuse, but also teaching kindergarteners gender theory and sex is grooming them. Even though it is hard to believe, grooming can result in physical abuse.

In short, Republicans have learned to fight back, and that genie isn’t going back in the bottle, no matter how much it hurts the sensibilities of some, including the surrender caucus on the right.

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