Liberal Media Push Businesses to Support Abortion

The liberal media’s meltdown over the possible repeal of Roe V. WadeContinued this week

Both The Washington PostAnd The Associated PressBusinesses were scolded for continuing to silence about abortion. The PostIt published the article on Wednesday

[T]he majority of gaming’s heaviest hitters appear to have kept both their mouths and wallets closed. This silence is especially conspicuous following the industry’s near-uniliteral support of causes like Black Lives Matter in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and anti-Asian hate as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. Both cases saw large companies issue statements and donate to charities. They also updated their internal policies, added features that allow players to show support, and made updates to the game’s code.

In an effort to discover the position of video game developers on abortion, The PostI went on a mission in order to obtain the records of the companies.

Microsoft has responded:

“Microsoft will continue to do everything we can under the law to protect our employees’ rights and support employees and their enrolled dependents in accessing critical health care — which already includes services like abortion and gender-affirming care — regardless of where they live across the U.S.,” Microsoft told The Post. “This support is being extended to include travel expense assistance for these and other medical services where access to care is limited in availability in an employee’s home geographic region.”

Certain Affinity, a Texas-based company that most recently helped produce “Halo Infinite,” also responded and said that the company took a “strong stance” and supported abortion, but added that the company had “limited resources.”

“We will absolutely take a strong stance on this, and we will consider how to best support our staff who may be affected, but we haven’t had a chance to get out in front of messaging or strategy yet; it caught us a bit off guard,” Certain Affinity CEO Max Hoberman told The Post. “We’re still an independent company with limited resources.”

Activision Blizzard employees criticized the company’s inability to pay time for protesting abortion restrictions.

“Right now, within Activision, there are many employees distracted and scared for the future,” Emily Knief, a senior motion graphic designer at Blizzard who identifies as transgender, told The Post. “Mr. Kotick committed to improving the working conditions for the thousands of people who work under his leadership and making Activision the best it could be. And I can say without hesitation that, as of right now, he’s failing all of us.”

Knief claimed that employees were forced to accept their job and not protest the matter.

“While bodily autonomy may be a hot-button issue, [companies like Activision Blizzard] are disregarding the very real lives of the people that it impacts,” Knief added. “The many women, trans men and nonbinary folk within the company that are forced to carry on their day-to-day meeting expectations of their role while also being mindful of the fact that their ability to regulate their own bodies may soon become criminalized.”

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