Lia Thomas Wins NCAA 500-yd. Freestyle Title, Receives Warranted Backlash

The most surprising sports headline was that of Lia Thomas, a transgendered woman, who won the 500-yard freestyle race at the NCAA Division I Championships, Atlanta, GA, on Thursday. Her time was 4 minutes 33.24 seconds.

Thomas, who has been rightly scrutinized for being a biological male that the NCAA has somehow let compete in women’s sports, defeated the next closest competitor by roughly two seconds and was just a little over nine seconds from breaking Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky’s world record time.

While the NCAA and ESPN fawned over Thomas’ “win,” plenty of people condemned Thomas’ charade, and several of Thomas’ teammates have anonymously decried Thomas’ actions for several months. They are against what this dictatorship is doing, and they believe it will eliminate any chance of competition.

“They feel so discouraged because no matter how much work they put in it, they’re going to lose. Usually, they can get behind the blocks and know they out-trained all their competitors and they’re going to win and give it all they’ve got,” the source said back in December.

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There was also much justified anger on Twitter about the victory. 

Even former tennis player Martina Navratilova, a known lesbian and women’s rights activist, was appalled at what is unfolding on the collegiate swimming scene. 

Fox News reported that Navratilova explained, “It is not about excluding Transgender Women from ever winning,” according to Fox News. But it’s not about them winning when they weren’t as close to winning like men.

The tennis player said, “You want it to be as similar as it was if you were born in the biological female body.” People are not happy to hear that – biological male. These words are not even wanted by many people. There’s nothing else I could say. “All else aside.”

When you start to lose the support of feminists for what you are doing, maybe it’s time to take stock in just how bonkers of a situation we have on our hands.

It has been acceptable for men, who are unable to defeat other men, to perform mutilations on themselves. Then, they can claim to be women and beat the biological women at sporting events. We then praise them. We are open to foolishness and have abandonned reason.

It is a terrible world that we live in.

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