Let’s Go Brandon Corn Hole

I do love “Let’s Go Brandon”

It was my thought LGBIt might be a passing trend, maybe with more legs than many but it wouldn’t have the same impact as I thought. The beast has been fed by leftists. They increase the LGB meme’s size and influence by every attack they make on it. While trying to slay the Lernaean hydra, leftists think they have smote – instead create two heads in place of one.

The same people who wouldn’t hesitate to wish death and destruction on The Donald and who used every pejorative and four-letter cuss word known to man to describe The Donald for fours and beyond are now are mightily offended.  They have been brought to their knees by three words.

LGB (I’m hoping this also takes off as a counter to the cultish RGB worship) employs not a single cuss word, never invokes Biden’s name, and when taken by itself is an encouragement, yet subsumes just the opposite. In a word, it’s glorious. It’s three words that insult Biden without saying anything. It’s the new “Bless Your Heart”. It’s the new “Bless Your Heart”!

LGBShould live to see Biden in the Oval Office for as many years as he does. His legacy is, Let’s Go, Brandon. Never let it die.

My next project will be to put “Let’s Go Brandon” on corn hole boards with a cartoon of Joe Biden with an empty hole on the place where his brain should be.

LGB. Let’s Go, Brandon. Patent pending


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